Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Our Little Angel

I am so excited to share with you that 
our beautiful son has been born.
21st of July 2014 at 2.20pm
3.27kg and 51cm tall

We are totally overwhelmed with love for our little angel.

Peace, Love and Hope

x S.K.K x

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Pregnancy Weeks 38

A Letter to my Son

Pregnancy Weeks 35-37

35 Weeks We made it through the week! I am officially on Maternity Leave! Now to train my body and mind to rest! Our OB app on Monday went well; baby is engaged and still growing at a consistent rate. Baby weighs 2kg and Mummy weighs 78.5kg I literally put on 1 kg a week! This week I have been ridiculously hungry! I'm eating every hour and constantly starving! I'm on medication morning and night to relax my uterus to stop it from contracting! The medication has bad side effects but I'm getting used to them. I started getting a cold but kicked it in the butt before it turned into anything! Love love love my growing belly and cherish every day with him with me!! I feel he still has a couple more weeks with Mumma before he's ready to come but we'll just take it day by day.

36 Weeks Another milestone hit!!! Go Team Kirkpatrick! This week was my first week of maternity leave and I literally slept the entire week! It was like I finished work and my body just shut down! I got a cold sore which is my body's way of saying 'I'm done and need rest' I was quite nauseas and shaky and had vaginal pain towards the end of the week and ended up back in hospital but all was ok with both me and the baby! This week I have been STARVING! Like literally eating every half hour and dreaming of food the rest of the time! I've never experienced this my entire pregnancy so I ate and ate and ate! My boy needs food to grow big and strong! So basically my 36th week I ate and slept haha what an update I only put on .5 of a kilo so still only 79kg! Waiting waiting to hit the big 80! I now have 'pregnancy face' as my face is ballooning up! It's so funny to look in the mirror! All in all an up and down week but baby is still snuggled so this Mumma is happy!

37 Weeks WE MADE IT I'm so excited to get here! I literally have been in bed the last 4 weeks and have had some down moments but it was all worth it to keep him safe and growing! I'm excited to reach this goal because now I can labour at home and don't have to race to the hospital at any sign of pain! My face gets rounder by the day and belly is reaaaally stretching! First few faint stretch marks appeared today so I know I'm getting bigger and bigger! Bring it all on I say! About time! Baby has given me severe pain in my pelvis the last few days and I could not get out of bed but he seems to have eased off a bit today which has been a great relief! I'm up all night and sleep during the day but that's ok oh and I finally packed my bag...celebrations all round! Bring on week 38 We are ready!! 

Peace, Love and Hope

x S.K.K x


Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Maternity Leave

Our Birth Wish List

Pregnancy Weeks 32-34

32 Weeks! Pregnancy has hit me!! I did well to get this far! Hopefully it's just this week! We went to a breast feeding class on Saturday and it was totally worth it! I learned a lot! I am so happy we went! We had our maternity shoot on Sunday in Byron Bay and it was so much fun! Something I always dreamed and envisioned when we were TTC. Monday I had a pregnancy massage after the big weekend and it was very much needed!!! I didn't do any formal exercise this week as I felt my body was telling me to have a break! Wednesday I had my first official set of Braxton hicks and I lost a bit of plug! All normal! Body prep 😉 nothing a shower and walk couldn't stop. But we are now on close watch! Feeling good and happy and still floating on cloud 9

33 Weeks We have had an awesome week this week which has been very informative. We had our birthing classes and hospital tour on the weekend and I love our hospital and all of their practices, beliefs and procedures! It's exactly how we would love our birth to go so I'm over the moon! I've finally hit the big 10 kilo weight gain and I'm excited! We are now 77.5kg I love that I've put on my weight healthily and steady! Feeling awesome and loving the changes in my body, even the extra layer that's coming with the bump. OB app yesterday went perfectly and baby is growing and he is very happy! I'm having cramps under my bump and they have come and gone over the week! Not bad but enough for me to think about! I'm thinking Braxton hicks but who knows! Apart from those pains everything else is going perfect!! Happy Mummy and Happy Baby

34 Weeks We made it! 1 week down...6 to go...please! Haha Well starting from the start I got to celebrate my beautiful baby shower with my family and friends! It turned out perfectly and was exactly what I wanted! Monday saw us admitted to hospital with our FFN testing positive and we got steroid shots for baby's lungs! The rest of the week ran smoothly as I went back to work and got mine and baby's hospital bags organised. I still get cramps and this week I'm really struggling to breath! This could be from all that's happened though! I am obsessed with my bump this week and I can't stop taking photos just incase it's the last! It's very very tight and sore and baby feels like he's trying to come out my belly button haha! I've learned through my journey that you can't control what happens! You have to trust and have hope! All I can control is how I deal with the situation! I haven't let myself get worked up over anything yet and I'm taking things day by day! My mind is powerful and I can control how I feel and deal with this! I feel calm and happy and ready for whatever happens. Let's pray we get through to next weeks update

Peace, Love and Hope

x S.K.K x

Early Labour

A Baby Shower

A Dream Come True

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Pregnancy Weeks 26-28

We've had an amazing week full of birthdays and anniversaries! I'm feeling fantastic with no complaints! Belly grows by the day and body is starting to embrace the pregnancy! I'm filling out but know that I'm still active and healthy so I'm loving the change! Baby constantly surfs the belly but my body and mind are used to it now! Still loving all my foods and the boy definitely loves the chocolate. Ok Ok it's really me that loves the chocolate but its all about balance right! This week I felt baby boys hiccups for the first time. It was on Easter Sunday night. At 10.15pm after a full day of eating both Grandma and Nans cooking Baby Boy sure did let me know he was full and satisfied.This 2nd trimester has been perfectly amazing and I can't believe I only have 1 week left until we hit the 3rd! This 26th week has been very special and I have enjoyed every second.

27 Weeks! I'm feeling awesome and just seriously enjoying every moment! I'm growing by the second so that's a big change that my body is getting used to and yes I'm not sleeping and it's hard to turn in bed and I have pelvic pain at night but pffffttt I'll take it all for this baby!! I'm proud and so happy with how this 2nd trimester has been and I'll be sad to see it go! Countdown is on til the 3rd! Bring it on! Gotta keep my head in the game and I'll be fine! My mind is powerful! This week we had our OB appointment which I will update below. We set up baby's cradle in our bedroom beside our bed and it made it just that little bit more real. Its hiding away in the corner covered up with sheets so Miss Molly doesn't claim it as her own but it's there ready. Talk about prepared. I'm still going for nice strong walks at the gym and am eating perfectly. Still not stopping yet. This week I couldn't sleep so was just playing around with my belly and baby and I gave each other a high five through my skin! I lost it! It was amazing! 27 Weeks you were amazing and eventful! 

28 Weeks! We are officially in the 3rd trimester! I am so sad to see the 2nd go! It was a very special time for me and I felt so much joy, happiness and peace! I will never forget it! This week we finally asked our special friends to be Baby's godparents! We made this decision well before baby was even conceived but waited for the right time! I had my glucose test this week and passed with flying colours! Baby is getting bigger and I'm finally feeling movement in the top parts of my belly! I'm getting bigger and my belly button is pushing out! I've had an emotional week with a few sad moments but I think it's just me dealing with the transition of feeling awesome to getting bigger and starting to really feel pregnant! It's all getting real and I'm just learning to take it day by day and keep my mind happy!! We celebrated Mothers Day this week and was so special to know that I was finally a mother and in a years time I will be holding our almost 1 year old boy! What a dream! Bring on the next few months! I've got this!

Peace, Love and Hope

x S.K.K x