Friday, December 23, 2011

Farewell Friends

Today we say goodbye to very special friends! They embark on a journey that will change their life! They are packing up the boxes, throwing away the junk, packing up the car, saying goodbye to all family and friends and driving all the way to the middle of Northern Territory where they will live for three years. What a challenge but what a journey. This move will be such an adventure for both of them and I know that they will remember it forever! I wanted to let Jess know that we are always here for you...just an email or txt away! When Conrad is working it will be hard, we won't pretend, but you are strong and you are going to meet some amazing people who will grow to love you just as much as we do!

We wish you both the very best! Conrad...STAY SAFE!!! but have fun! We can't wait to see lots of pictures of your new town and your new home! Enjoy the heat, enjoy the peace, enjoy the serenity, enjoy the red, enjoy being together and creating an exciting life for you both that most of us would not have the guts, determination or courage to do! We are proud of you!

We cant wait to come and visit ;-)

x S.K.K x

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Birthday Wish List

My last day of being 25!!! This is so weird for me! I absolutely 100% DO NOT feel 26! I still feel like a kid! I guess with my job I get to have fun all day every day so I get to live my dream and I never have to grow up! Yes I have all the responsibilities of being an adult but I still keep the fun and excitement in my life to the MAX! I love it!

On the 'eve' of my birthday I thought I would write a little birthday wish list!  Some are realistic...some are not! Here is what I am LOVING right now!

"A Gratitude Journal for 2012"

"The Fluro from The Cambridge Satchel Company"


"Pool Lounge Chair ~ For reading Dollhouse" 

"Scooter ~ I'm completely obsessed with them"

"Vanilla and Gardenia Glasshouse Candles" 

 "KitchenAid Raspberry Mixer"

"Chocolate - sweet delicious chocolate ~ If Only!!!"

TA-DA and that is all! haha just a few things that make me smile and I really wish I had! I'm not very materialistic but these things make me happy and hey a girl can dream and wish on her birthday!

Well Im signing of as a 25 year old girl and Ill see you all in the morning as a 26 year old women...

HAHAHAH KIDDING!!!! AS IF!!!! I'll be a girl at heart forever...especially with my pink satchel and pink scooter!!! Yeah Yeah!!

I have the kids staying with me for the week so they are sleeping soundly in the next room and I'm excited to wake up with them and get lots of birthday cuddles and celebrate an awesome day with lots of fun, happiness, cake (gluten and lactose free of course) and many special moments!

x S.K.K x


My heart is breaking this week for a very special person and her family! There is nothing I can say that can sooth the hurt and nothing I can do can wipe away the tears but I want her to know that every day I am praying for her. Praying she finds the strength she needs to get through this time. I hope she knows that we are all here surrounding her with open arms and lifting her up and guiding her through this difficult time. Its hard. It's unfair. But I do believe at the end of this grey and hurtful road there is a beautiful rainbow with shining skies waiting for her and her family.

~ Time will heal her soul and her heart will smile again ~

x S.K.K x

Saturday, December 10, 2011

A REAL tree!

Today we started a tradition! A tradition that I hope will put smiles on our faces year after year. As a child growing up I watched movies and read books about Christmas and different traditions families have! I would dream about one day having my own family and starting and sharing special traditions with them. Today was a day that I will remember forever. Today in our 5th year as a couple, as a team, we started a tradition that will bring so much joy and happiness to us and our family. My Rob made an ultimate dream come true. We have our very own REAL Christmas Tree!

We (and by we I mean Rob) carried the tree, secured it to the ute and headed home. Once we got it home we (Rob) carried the tree to our backyard and found the perfect spot! We decided to dig it into the ground instead of putting it in a pot as it would be more secure in our 'Aussie summer storms" It was beautiful! I could not believe how cool it looked! Next we tied all of the pine cones we had collected to a piece of rope and spray painted them red gold and silver. Then we decorated! You could not wipe the smile off my face! It was amazing! I was so happy right in that moment decorating our real tree with pine cones as we watched the sun set. That was an amazing dream come true and a special moment that I will remember forever!

Our tree just has to last 3 weeks! We got a hot tip that if we water it every day with water and honey it should last! I hope it does :-) We are having Christmas at our house this year so I can not wait to be sitting here in our backyard with our family with our gorgeous tree as the main attraction! On Christmas I think we will decorate it a bit more with some candy canes and some tinsel but for now its just perfect. Perfect and natural! What a beauty!

Cant wait to see this yard filled with the laughter, joy and smiles of my family!

x S.K.K x

P.S I have been trying to post this blog for a week now but my pictures aren't working! As you can see above they are all sideways! I cant seem to fix this :( Sorry! I'm just mixing it up a bit - turn those heads readers :-)

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Our Christmas Angels

2011 Christmas Photos!

Bindi Renee 





I would love to have a photo with all the animals but realistically its never going to happen haha but I LOVE their individual Christmas photos! I have the most gorgeous animals babies ever!
I will treasure these photos forever! 

x S.K.K x

Thursday, December 1, 2011

It's Here!!

Happy December!!!! 


The last month of the year. Can you believe it? Where has the year gone! What a journey this year has been! It feels like yesterday we were in January and now here we are in my favourite month! DECEMBER!!! The first day of Summer! My birthday is in 15 days. My holidays start in 24 days and CHRISTMAS is in 25 days :-) The house is completely decorated! Christmas present buying has begun! Our christmas lights are shinning at night! Love, happiness and magic are filling the air and I feel a happy glow all day every day! Let the count down begin! Here are a few of my favourite Christmas tunes to get you all in the mood for the first day of the month!!! Enjoy!!!

x S.K.K x