Saturday, April 23, 2011

Happy Easter

Easter is a very special time for me! It was Easter time that Rob and I first started dating. It was when I first met his parents and his family. I remember him taking me to meet his brother and his 2 children and Rob was excited becasue he had made their Easter presents. He had blown out the eggs and painted the shells and made a basket for them to sit in. He was proud. I fell in love. 4 years ago today we began this special relationship and here we are celebrating Easter and our 1 year wedding anniversary on the same weekend! Very special. This will be an Easter I will never forget - just like that Easter back in 2007.

I am also excited as my beautiful best friend was 12 weeks pregnant on Friday which means she can start sharing her very special news with all of her friends! AND I can share it with my family as I have known for weeks and weeks I am dying to tell them hehe Myself and Rob (and I know my family will be) are so extremely happy for our beautiful friends Michelle and Michael. What an amazing time in your lives. Cherish these special times. I am so proud of Michelle! She is going to be an amazing and beautiful mummy!

No matter what you believe or how you celebrate your day I hope that you have a very special Easter.
I hope the day brings you love, peace, happiness, chocolate goodness and special memories that will last forever.

x S.K.K x

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Hayley said...

Happy Easter Sarah!! Hope you all had a fantastic long weekend xx