Friday, April 29, 2011

A new baby!

We have some very exciting news to share!!! We are getting a brand new baby!!!

Our beautiful baby was hatched on EASTER Sunday the 24th of April 2011. What an amazing day to be born. Our baby is definitely the example of new life! We will be getting our baby when he/she is 3 weeks old so it will look a little like the above. Very young and very vulnerable needing a mumma to feed, look after and love it. I will be hand rearing our baby which is a very big task but something that Rob and I have been researching and preparing for months and months.Our baby will just be opening his/her eyes so as far as the baby is concerned I will be its mother and we will form a special bond.

Our new baby is an Eclectus Parrot. Over the next couple of weeks we have to come up with a boy and a girl name for our birdy! I like the name "April" for a girl and "Jasper" for a boy. We will not know the sex until their feathers come through. The advantage of the Eclectus is that you can tell the sex by the colours of their feathers. The males are a beautiful green with blue and red under their wings and the female is a gorgeous red and purple.It's exciting waiting to see what sex we will get! At first I really wanted a female but after lots of research and 'you tubing' I don't mind what we get! They are both just as a amazing as each other and I cant wait to form a special bond with my new baby!

A male at 6 weeks of age! 

 A male and female Eclectus! 

I can't wait to actually get our new bird and bring it home and share with you my own photos! Exciting times ahead!! 

x S.K.K x

A Real Princess

As you all know I'm a sucker for things magical and beautiful. What could be more magical and beautiful than the Royal Wedding! Mixed feelings all around over this either love it or hate it! I'm a lover! I have to confess! I didn't really get 'into' the wedding fever until my baby cousin (age 4) Ava said to her mum....'mummy is she a REAL princess?? to which her mum replied to her yes. Ava got so excited "oh my gosh mummy a real princess is getting married!!!! I had never thought of it like that! A real princess is getting married! So in honor of this 'real princess' getting married tonight we are having a...
Princess Party

My mum and 2 cousins are coming over and of course Miss Ava and we are watching the Royal Wedding together! Ava is dressing up as a bride and we are wearing tiaras! We are having mini quiches and cupcakes and lots party food! What a brilliant excuse for a special little party! The bottom line is 2 people are exchanging vows and committing to a life together. To experience every moment, every emotion, every journey together. As a 'newly' wed myself the memories are still very fresh and real in my mind from my own wedding so I have the excitement and butterflies in my stomach. Imagine how they would be feeling! It is oh so very exciting! 

~ Happy Wedding Day to Will and Kate - Prince and Princess of Whales ~

x S.K.K x

Thursday, April 28, 2011

1st Wedding Anniversary

Well a beautiful year has past! I can not believe it! It feels like yesterday yet it also feels like a lifetime ago! Is that possible? What a year we have had! We've had the downs of Robs car accident and loosing his job but we have had so many beautiful and memorable ups that these 'hurdles' seems so tiny in our journey. We have worked, we have played, we have traveled, we have laughed, we have cried and we have shared and created some amazing memories.
Happy 1 Year Wedding Anniversary babe! 
I love you
Always have ~ Always will

We were lucky enough to score a few days off work so we took ourselves off to Springbrook Mountain for a 4 day romantic holiday. We stayed at a gorgeous cottage which was just divine. We spent our days exploring the mountain and all the amazing scenery and spent the night by the fire watching movies and eating fudge! A perfect getaway and Rob even slept in until 9.00 in the morning!!!! which was amazing! I kept putting my ear to his face to see if he was breathing hahah It was a well deserved break and we got some special 'us' time!

~ yep that's right - our own private spa pool! ~

~ The most gorgeous place I have been to! Was truly spectacular! ~

~ On our last night we shouted ourselves to a dinner out! We went to Springbrook Manor and ate a 3 course meal! It was so yummy! Just beautiful prepared food which was reasonably priced! ~

~ Our gorgeous little cottage surrounded by rainforest! ~

On Easter Sunday we got to celebrate our anniversary with our family. My mum had got a cake made for us and made a cute little sign. This meant so much to me! It was lovely being able to share this milestone with all the people that have been there for us over the year loving us and supporting us.

On our actually Anniversary night ~ 25th of April ~ we went out to Georges Paragon for dinner! This is a Greek Seafood restaurant and we were recommended by a few friends and family! Boy oh boy did it deliver!

 For entree we got a dozen oysters and a cold platter. I took one oyster and fell in love...went back to get another one and there waiting for me was a special little surprise! A gorgeous ring! What a smooth move by my Rob!

 ~ A gorgeous Peridot and Diamond ring - The Peridot stone is the gemstone that represents the first year wedding anniversary ~

~ We had kept the top later of our wedding cake so when we got home from dinner we took it out and cut it and shared the memories of our day ~

We had lot's of celebrations for our 1st year anniversary but I am so glad we made the most of it!
I will never forget it!
x S.K.K x

Easter Fun!

I've noticed in the last couple of years that Easter isn't really that special anymore. A lot of people don't celebrate it or treat it like a special holiday. We treat Easter exactly like Christmas. Its a special day to remember and celebrate with our family and friends. Each year, just like Christmas, we have a huge breakfast at my mums place. We celebrate with a beautiful breakfast and enjoy just being together. Here is our special Easter Sunday

~ The Easter bunny ALWAYS comes and leaves special treats at mums house for us! ~

Nothing is more special than celebrating a holiday with family!

x S.K.K x

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Happy Easter

Easter is a very special time for me! It was Easter time that Rob and I first started dating. It was when I first met his parents and his family. I remember him taking me to meet his brother and his 2 children and Rob was excited becasue he had made their Easter presents. He had blown out the eggs and painted the shells and made a basket for them to sit in. He was proud. I fell in love. 4 years ago today we began this special relationship and here we are celebrating Easter and our 1 year wedding anniversary on the same weekend! Very special. This will be an Easter I will never forget - just like that Easter back in 2007.

I am also excited as my beautiful best friend was 12 weeks pregnant on Friday which means she can start sharing her very special news with all of her friends! AND I can share it with my family as I have known for weeks and weeks I am dying to tell them hehe Myself and Rob (and I know my family will be) are so extremely happy for our beautiful friends Michelle and Michael. What an amazing time in your lives. Cherish these special times. I am so proud of Michelle! She is going to be an amazing and beautiful mummy!

No matter what you believe or how you celebrate your day I hope that you have a very special Easter.
I hope the day brings you love, peace, happiness, chocolate goodness and special memories that will last forever.

x S.K.K x

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Passion, Courage, Forgiveness

Passion, Courage, Forgiveness

In the month of April, all things seem possible - even forgiveness. With the courage to forgive, we can rediscover our passion. As you work through your feelings in a caring and constructive manner, as you learn to release yourself from negativity, you will feel a resurgence of positive emotions. These emotions reignite the passion that lovers share for each other. 

When you hold onto your anger and resentment, it is you who misses out on love. Find the courage to release your negative feelings, and you'll discover that genuine state of love and forgiveness that is so essential to creating a lifetime of love. It takes courage to love, but it is worth it. The greatest tragedy in life is not the loss of love but those who not open their hearts to love again. 

Even though this book is about 'enriching your relationship' I kind of read the book and relate it to all of my relationships in my life. Not only my marriage with Rob but with my friends, work and family. I'm a very big believer in forgiveness. Even though I would LOVE to hold grudges I just can not bring myself to. Life is too short to not forgive. I never want to live with regret. People make decisions in their lives that sometimes are not the best. Some may call them mistakes. I call them life lessons. It's only a mistake if you do not learn from it. We all stuff up at times but you never know what tomorrow will bring. So I am very big on forgiveness. This has challenged me this month as a dear friend has hurt me tremendously and let me down which has left me feeling very hurt and confused. However I know, I hope, that she has good reasons for this. She is going through a big change and weather she is doing it on purpose or pushing me away so it's easier on her, either way, at the end of the day, I will always be there! Even though I'm getting hurt, I'm her friend and I will be there. This is hard and as I write this Im screaming at myself...get angry, how dare she...but ultimately that's not who I am. I believe in the good in people. My mum has always taught me this. Even though it's been tough...I forgive.

Is there someone you need to forgive today? 
Let go of those negative feelings!

x S.K.K x

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Make each day count

On our recent holiday to Springbrook Mountain  we stopped in at a little cafe for lunch. An old country cafe that was filled with old photos and souvenirs and little treasures they have kept over the years. This was my favourite though! A cork board - literally made out of corks - with this very simple but powerful message. 

I think we should all remember this and live for today and not for tomorrow!
Make every second count!

x S.K.K x

Wordless Wednesday

Head over to Faith Hope and a whole lotta Love for more photo fun

x S.K.K x

Monday, April 18, 2011

They come in 3's

First it was my toe...

Then I fell down the entire stairwell on our holiday...

Then on Thursday night my worst nightmare came true and I went down on my ankle at netball...

3 fractures in my ankle bone! I can not believe it! Worst possible timing! I'm hoping the saying of "it happens in 3's" is true and my bad luck is UP! 1,2,3 and I'm done...

This is now me for the next month! I have a week and a half leave from work and the simple of task of getting up and going to the toilet is painful and a mission! I'm thankful I have the time off work so I will be parking my little but on my couch and not moving the entire week in the hope of it healing faster! I think this task will be very very hard hahah I may go out of my brain! My house is a mess and is driving me crazy but I can't do anything about it! and for some reason I am CRAVING to go for a run! Yeah nice timing motivation! The worst part about it is that I can't play netball for at least a month which I'm the most upset about!

Well here's to a week of nothing! Sleeping, reading, watching endless movies and trashy day time TV and endless blog time! Actually I dream about this all the time so I should appreciate it while it's here! Maybe this was the universe telling me to slow down and take the time to relax! Pretty hurtful message universe but I appreciate it all the same!

x S.K.K x

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Beautiful Friends make a Happy Hen

A year ago I celebrated a very special night! 

10 of my best girlfriends came over to my house and we celebrated with lots of fun an laughter.
I'm not a big lets get drunk and messy and head out and kiss random guys or order a stripper kind of girl so a beautiful night in with my favourite people was the perfect night for me! We added in a few 'naughty' elements just to make it a bit fun an memorable. It was such a perfect night and beautiful memories were made with my special girls. 

  ~My 3 Bridesmaids ~

 ~ My Sister and Mum ~

~ My beautiful girls! Life is amazing because of them and they all hold a very special place in my heart!~

x I am a very lucky girl x

x S.K.K x