Monday, April 29, 2013

Aging Beautifully Like My Mum

As you all know I am a member of the 'Fernwood' Gym. Ive talked time and time again about how much I love my gym and how Fernwood fueled my passion for fitness and allowed me to spread my wings and shine in a safe and supportive environment. Recently I did a mini interview with Fernwood magazine and was asked to talk about the topic "Will I age like my mum?" Both mum and I attend Fernwood gym and we both absolutely love it. I was sent the questions by email and had 1 night to complete my answers and email them back to the editor. I wrote my piece, sent it away and didn't think anything would come of it. Well my little story was chosen and even though it was only a little snippet from my interview, I was ridiculously excited to actually see our photo and my writing printed in a magazine. 1 sentence, my words, in print! Squeeeeeeel!

 and here is my little feature :-) 

Of course it needed to be edited to be a feature so here is my full interview that I did for the magazine!

1. Do you want to age like your mum? Why?

Absolutely! Without a doubt. I am in complete awe when I look at my mum. Her beauty, passion and wisdom shines every day. I love that she has aged beautifully, gracefully and naturally. She takes care of her body and eats a healthy diet and this absolutely shows in her skin, body and face. I love every line and every wrinkle. It shows the hard work and dedication she has put into her life and our family and her inner beauty shines through this all.

2. Do you think you are aging like her? In what ways?

If you had of asked 5 years ago I would have said no but in the last few years I see little sparks of her in me every day. 3 stand out aging features are the small lines in my hands, the wrinkles in my forearm and the single line on the outer corner of my eye. Our hands show the hard work and dedication we have put into our careers. Our arms are the source of all comfort and our eyes show the signs of years of smiles and laughter. Some people fear aging but these 3 signs put a smile on my face and warms my heart as they prove to me I am living an active, passionate and happy life...all because of my mum.

3. What sort of health example has your mum set for you growing up?

I was extremely lucky to grow up in a generation where the outdoors was our life. My mum created amazing childhood memories that will stay with me forever. She laid down the foundations to ensure that both my sister and I loved sports, loved life and loved keeping active. No dream was too big and she encouraged us and made sure that we took advantage of every possible opportunity. She ensured our life was simple and fun. I'm positive it wasn't simple for her but for us, we were living, loving and experiencing a simple, happy and active childhood.

4. What do you like about working out together?

Life gets busy. Even though we both have very demanding lifestyles Fernwood Gym provides a special place we can both go to share our passion of fitness. There's no pressure, there's no deadlines, we can just go and push our bodies to the limit and work hard every day to be our best selves. The most important part is working hard, getting fit and succeeding...together.

I am so lucky to have the most beautiful mum in the world. Every single life that she has touched is instantly changed for the absolute better and I speak for everyone when I say that they are very lucky to have her in their lives. As her daughter I feel in complete debt and eternally grateful to god for allowing me to be guided in this life by my beautiful angel. My life is filled with passion, gratitude, prayer, empathy, forgiveness, compassion, confidence and most of all love because of her.

Thank You Mumma! Always and Forever!

Peace, Love and Hope.

Friday, April 26, 2013

Our 3rd Wedding Anniversary

Every morning on the 25th of April we wake before the sun. We get dressed, we trim some rosemary from our garden and we attend a very special service. The 25th of April is ANZAC day and it is the one day all Australians and New Zealanders come together to remember our brave, strong and selfless soldiers. We thank them and remember them. We don't mention 'us' or 'our day' or 'our celebration' The mornings are for our soldiers, we put them before us and we give our respect. It is the least we can do.

~ Lest We Forget - 25th of April 2013 ~

When the sun has risen and we have celebrated our brave men we then celebrate us.
On the 25th of April 2010 I married the man of my dreams. This year marks our 3rd year together as husband and wife and I could not be any prouder of this amazing man.
I am one truly blessed wife.

~ Our matching bands that unite us as 1 ~

Our day was beautiful. Simple and beautiful. We cooked up a yummy breakfast and spent the day relaxing in our home.

We made plans for our home, spent time together and with our babes and took lovely afternoon walks around our neighborhood. It couldn't be any more perfect if we tried. After being away for 2 weeks and heading straight back into work when I got home it was so nice just to be together. It's all I wanted.


My darling gives me a special present every year for our anniversary. He bases his presents around the "Anniversary gemstones"

The 1st Wedding Anniversary stone is Peridot. He bought me this AMAZING peridot and diamond ring...and yes it was delivered to me on a plate of oysters ;-)

The 2nd Wedding Anniversary stone is Garnet. He bought me this beautiful garnet stone bracelet. Tiny little garnet stones, all different sizes and shapes, strung together in a bracelet. Just precious! The ring is my peridot ring on my hand.

The 3rd Wedding Anniversary stone is Pearl. This was my present this year. This stunning leather wrap with champagne freshwater pearls. Divine! Looks so pretty on. The traditional present for 3rd Anniversary is leather so he blew me away with this one!

I treasure these beautiful gifts and wear them all all the time. Mixing them with different outfits and jewelery. They are so special and unique and each one will remind me of each of our special years together. The thoughtfulness and time he has put into these gifts mean the world to me and I will treasure them forever.

As our special day landed on a Thursday this meant that we had personal training. Of course we went! We are committed to this...100%! So for our anniversary night, we trained...and we trained hard. This was our cardio session and holy crap I couldn't move. It felt good and when we got home we were proud of our efforts.

We stayed in that night, the main reason being we were too stuffed to do anything hahah but it was a perfect ending to our perfect day.

Happy 3rd Wedding Anniversary my love. Thank You for being totally crazy and bringing joy, laughter and endless sunshine to my life. You rock!

Peace, Love and Hope

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Making Every Moment Count

Experience :  a particular instance of personally encountering or undergoing something.

I knew I had to go. Everything in my life was perfect yet there was something missing. No amount of photos, stories, television shows or movies could fill that gap. I needed the experience. I needed to feel and experience the energy of this exciting, magical place that I had been dreaming of my whole teenage and adult life. The timing wasn't perfect. I had just opened my own business and we were on a bumpy financial path. however, this trip had been planned and cancelled for 3 years and I knew if I didn't make a rash decision and just go, then I never would.

In the past 2 years I have lived a different life. I have been living every last second like it's my last. I've been taught a priceless life lesson that 'life is short'. Many people don't learn this until something terrible happens and it is too late. I'm not waiting for the "too late" the "what if's" or the "if only's". Now is my time to shine. Now is my time to do everything I dreamed of. Now is my time to become my absolute best self. My best self is experiencing every magical moment that life has to offer. I'm not leaving this until tomorrow, next week, next year or 'when I'm older'. They may not come. Now is my time to make every moment count. I will leave no stone unturned, I will live out every single one of my dreams and I will live with absolutely no regrets.

On the 30th of March 2013 I left for a two week adventure to the United States of America. I went for a good time, not a long time. I had my list of what I wanted to see and that's where I went. 

No one knew I was going. My whole world is online and I'm a social media open book but this time I felt I needed to do this trip for me. My closest friends on IG knew and that's it. I didn't need the opinions. I didn't need the judgement. I didn't need the questions. I didn't need the advice. I needed to go and experience this for myself. My way.

My darling Rob said go, without any doubts, questions or jealousy. He couldn't come and said that he would do everything in his power to get me over there. He did. He knew what it meant to me. He worked his butt off for me and for this I will be forever in his debt. He allowed me to take a journey for myself. Stepping out of my comfort zone and experiencing a country that I longed for.

I talked to all the beautiful mothers of my Kindy and each and every single one of them were so amazingly supportive. They will never know how much that meant to me. They gave me 2 weeks off, no questions asked. For this I thank them and am forever grateful.

Even when the tickets were booked and hotels were paid for it didn't seem real. I never knew when it would actually seem real. It was a complete dream. The entire journey was a dream. Every sight, every person, every smell, every sound, every scene was exactly how I imagined it and I was there! Hearing, touching, smelling, seeing and breathing in every single moment of it.

This is what I needed. This is what I had dreamed of. I had done it.

Peace, Love and Hope.

x S.K.K x