Tuesday, August 31, 2010


We are toilet training!!!

The time has come and we are full steam ahead with toilet training. Nappies are a thing of the past! They were cool yesterday but nope not today! The undies were out and wees on the toilet were the celebration of the day! When I started at this job Mr 2 was only 8 months old and the next child was 3 and a half and had already toilet trained so this is all new to me! Wish me luck! Never knew I could be so excited about wees! It’s a big learning curve for me this week! I’m excited about learning how to deal with toilet training. I know that each child is different but going through this experience will give me a little insight into the journey and I am excited to share this journey with the little man.

I am also going through another learning curve this week as I am dealing with grommets. Mr 5 had his Adenoids out and grommets put in last week so we are dealing with sore ears, big sneezes and ear plugs in for each bath time and swimming lessons. It was a big scary for me at first, I didn’t want to hurt him - who would have thought that a simple ear plug could cause me so much heartache. I didn’t want to push it in too far or push too hard but it needed to be secure enough to block the ear to ensure that NO water gets into the ear canal.

I am very lucky with my job as I get to share the very special early years with 3 amazing children. I get to laugh, cry, learn, play, teach, nurse, share and experience every day. The kids were 8 months, 3 and 5 when I first started. They are now 3, 6 and 8 and I have had a big rollercoaster journey with them over the past 2 and a half years. I will be here for another 2 years and I am actually looking forward to the rainbow path I am about to follow. There will be first days of school, first friendship fights, first football game, first athletics day, first dress up day, first school party! Bring it on! I love being a special part of their lives. I’m ‘their Sarah’ and I couldn’t be happier! 

Enjoy your last Winter night :)
x S.K.K x

Monday, August 30, 2010


Fun Fun Fun – This is the word that I think definitely describes my full on weekend!
I like to start my week-a-boo’s with Friday because Fridays are always such a fun and relaxed day at work. We play lots of games and activities and have plenty of outings. So to me it feels like my weekend has already started. Friday morning started off so perfectly – as I drove into the garage at work Mr 2 came running out and gave me the biggest cuddle and looked at me and said – I missed you ‘Sarwah’ - What a lovely way to start a morning with that gorgeous smiling face. Friday it was like he had grown up instantly into young boy…he’s not the little baby anymore! He has started talking in complete sentences now which sounds so funny and I love listening to all the stories he has to tell me! On our way to the shop he asked me where trees live…I replied saying that I didn’t know and asked him the same question back. He looked out the window for a while with his ‘thinking face’ on and then turned to me and said “the rainforest” which I thought was pretty clever for him. Thank you Dora and Diego! You are teaching him so many things!
On Friday I picked up the kids from school and for once we had a free afternoon…no ballet classes or footy training so we headed to Southbank for the afternoon. We all got a boost juice, mango magic is our favourite and we took a walk along the river. It was so beautiful and the weather was lovely. Not too hot and not too cold- just right – a gorgeous sign that spring is quickly approaching! We explored the rainforest there and went rock climbing along the rocks they have put along the water. (Manmade water hole not the river) I can’t wait until the warmer months arrive as they have really renovated this area and it looks like a fabulous place to have a swim and play under all the squirts and falls. 

Saturday we were invited to our dear friends’ daughters’ first birthday party. Rob was away at a buck’s weekend but came home especially to be there for Jazmin’s special day. Her party was at our local park and it was wonderful to spend such a gorgeous day out in the sun! (I wore shorts and I swear I was blinding everyone with the whiteness of my legs haha it’s been a while since they have seen the sun) After the mingling and cake cutting I went off with 2 little girls for a play. We were moonshine fairies and we were finding special treats for the animals to eat in the rainforest. Our tennis ball moonshine ball was magic and would make us invisible fairies and would help us fly through the sky! Our leaves magic fairy keys unlocked the special doors in the tress and allowed us to change from the human world into the fairy world. I love imaginative play!

Saturday night was a whole new experience for me! I went to my lovely friends hens night and oh my goodness they had a male stripper for her. My first stripper eeeek. No photos from this - sorry ladies. Indiana Jones will stay on the computer :P The hens party was fantastic however as it was a ‘frocks and cons’ party so we all had to wear our prettiest dresses and our converse shoes! What a gorgeous idea! Everyone looked fab! Here is a picture of the hens shoes! She decorated them herself! What a blast! 

On Sunday I went to the truly amazing fun filled production of mama mia! You can read about my amazing time here

A wonderful weekend for me – Want more – Head over to Claire at Scissors Paper Rock and read many more Week-a-Boo’s.
x S.K.K x

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Mamma Mia

Woho oh oh oh Mamma Mia...here I go again...my my how can I resist ya!

Today I went and saw the totally amazing Mamma Mia! 

I don't even know where to begin and what words to use to describe what a fabulous day I had! Back at the start of the year when I heard that Mamma Mia was coming back to Brisbane I was instantly on the computer booking my tickets. I saw this show 10 years ago, once with my mum and sister and then again with my grandma and grandpa. So I was desperate to go again, even if it meant going by myself and yes I went by myself. So this morning I got dressed up in my nice new dress and headed off to the theatre to see the show. It is a half an hour drive so I gave myself an hour to give me plenty of time in case there was traffic. Bad Move. I was walking RUNNING through southbank with 5 minutes until curtain call, so upset that I was going to be late. BUT I MADE IT! I literally sat down just as the band began to play! I was sweating through my stockings, yuk, and puffing and panting but the minute the music started the magic began and I was lost in the wonder of it all! The music, the singing, the simple staging were all just amazing and all came together to make such a brilliant show. 

This performance was also very special to me as my dear friend I went to school with was performing in it. To see him up there was a such a wonderful experience and I was so proud of him! The energy and enthusiasm the actors put into these shows night after night just truly amazes me. I also enjoyed watching Nathan from Hi-5 and 'Declan' from neighbours. It was wonderful to see them in a new light! Nathan was my favourite of Hi-5 and he definitely belongs on the stage! What also amazed me was the audience! There were young girls aged 10 or 12 with their mums, young adults with their girlfriends, more 'mature' couples and elderly people with their loved ones. The range of ages was just fantastic and no matter how young or old they were each and every one clapped and cheered the whole way through. 

I was lucky enough to sit next to a dear old lady who was just having the time of her life. She was also there on her own so we got to share the experience together! She was tapping and singing along the whole way through and was just giggling at almost every second line. She really showed me that no matter what your age you can still have fun! 

My favourite part of the show was the end song and then the encore! A few people started to get up and dance and the lady beside me was instantly on her feet. Being by myself I was a little self conscious and just stayed seated and bopped along to the music, clapping and singing but seeing how much fun 'my new friend' next to me was having I couldn't just sit there so I jumped straight up and joined in the fun! It was so wonderful singing at the top of my lungs and dancing along to the music with a group of strangers yet all sharing the same experience! 

Tonight my cheeks are so sore as I have not stopped smiling all day and I HIGHLY recommend you all go see it if you get the chance! TRULY MAGICAL! 

x S.K.K x

Grandparents Love

I am very lucky to have such an amazing family ~ I have been fortunate enough to have 3 sets of loving, supportive and very special grandparents. Nothing can compare to the love of grandparents. It has been a year since I have lost my 2 grandfathers, they passed away within 3 weeks of each other which was a sad time for 2 sides of my family! There is not a day that goes by that I don't think of all of my grandparents and even though some have left my world they are always in my heart! 

My grandpa was a special man. He was always so supportive and loving. I can still hear his voice, his hello Sarah, whenever I rang to say hello and can feel his big warm bear hugs!  He was a very talented man, a gifted artist and a wise poet. He publish several poetry books writing about life, love and the land. Some were serious...some were not. He wrote a poem called "Grandma's Castor oil" This was printed on a tea towel and hung on the back of the toilet. As kids he used to tell us he would give us $5 if we could recite the poem to him. I could never remember it. Until the day of his funeral. I was sitting with my family after and telling the story when I just said the first line, and each line followed, I don't know where it was coming from but I sat there and just said the whole poem like I had known it for years. I now know that he is always with me proving to me that I can do anything. 

When he passed away I received some drawings of his and some poems. This is my favourite poem. He wrote it for my grandma. The last line is very special to me. It is now my favourite quote and we used it in our wedding. This poem is so divine and reminds me that true love can last forever.


How can I compare the softness of a waxing moon, or the twinkling of the stars
to the beauty that my eyes behold and my heart does beat for,
How could I ever find the footsteps of life
in which to place my feet if you are not beside me
You are to me the spring of life that displaces winters chill
You are the vision of a rose whose beauty is the quality of love
that steeps my heart and fills to overflowing my soul
As the crevassed mountain side echoes the sigh of the wind
so to you thunder your thought into my receptive mind
You gather me unto yourself
Your breast a pillow for my head
Your hidden vally’s of delight my joy
Almost a life away, there grew within my heart a tree and flourish and bore blossoms
In the blossoms you did build your nest so for evermore
You be within my heart
The beauty of your inner soul reflects upon your face
They joy of your contentment
Your body a vessel of delight
Your voice the whisper of a friendly breeze
Your fingers the caressing instruments of long lost gods
I gather the warmth of a thousand fires from your nearness
You are as close to me as the clinging bark of a tree
And as the bark shelters the tree so you shelter me
Should this sun never ever shed its warmth again upon the hills
And rivers falter on their journey to the sea
If the moon as a broken pendulum, never again to make love unto the earth
I would feel your presence, hold your hand and carry you through the gates of eternity
For if love be all, then you are love, for you are all to me.

  John Bird
~ Entered eternal life 2009 ~ In our hearts forever ~

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Wordless Wednesday

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A little sneak peak into our Wedding Day

25th of April 2010

"If love be all ~ Then you are love ~ For you are all to me"

x S.K.K x

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

I would like to introduce you to a very special business

This gorgeous business is owned and run by the very talented and creative Claire!
What draws me to these products are their uniqueness and flair mixed with Claire's enthusiasm for creating earth-friendly products.

Here are a few samples of her work...

Are you celebrating a special birthday, introducing a special new addition, celebrating a wedding. These fun, unique and totally gorgeous invitations will set your party/announcement apart from the rest.  

Along with these stunning invitations Claire also offers a range of eco-friendly products that include 'Mini Garden' Collection, Seeded Paper and Gifts that Grow. This range will definitely impress your next gift receiver.

           Gifts that Grow

Seeded Paper   

Please head over to her website - Scissors Paper Rock - to see more of these divine invitations and special gifts.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Body Balance

I have not had a decent night sleeps in 2 years. I am surviving on 3-4 hours maximum of sleep a night and I unfortunately can not say that this is because of a lovely child. I work 50 hours a week looking after 3 kids aged 2, 5 and 7 and my job involves school runs, play dates, dinner prep, school lunch making, homework, swimming lessons, footy training, bed making, toy room cleaning, ballet lessons....sounding familiar mums...then I have to go home each night and run my own household! I love my job but it definitely keeps me on my toes. I see it as intense training for when I become a mum to my own child. I went to the doctors to make sure there was nothing physically wrong with me and surprise surprise...all perfect...dam i mean great! but that means the no sleep and headaches and back aches are all due to....drumroll please....stress! DUH! Show me someone out there that isn't stressed! I went to my chiropractor and they said the same thing...stress...she wouldn't work on me until I had a massage cause I was so tense she couldn't adjust properly!

SO both the doctor and my chiro have told me to take hot baths at least 3 times a week and take up Yoga! This will clear my mind and stretch out my body! I must admit this does make perfect sense as when I'm lying there in bed at 2 in the morning staring at the ceiling I do have a strange urge to start stretching out my legs and back to calm my body down! So a few weeks ago I made the change and signed up to my local gym and decided to start body balance! Which is a mix of Yoga, Thai Chi and Pilaties.

Today was my first session and boy I am scared to wake up in the morning! I feel I am going to be in so much pain! hahah but with the pain aside I did have a wonderful time and really felt it did wonders for my body! Its amazing how stretching out your body can make you feel so calm. I must admit the old ballet hands made there way in there a few times and the need to push myself to my limits may not have been the best idea for my first time but I just loved it and wanted to join in 100%. We went through the stages and I did pretty well with all of the moves however when the 'core strength' section came I really had to pull myself up and remind myself not to push too hard if I wanted to walk tomorrow. So hopefully in a few weeks I will be up with the rest of them! At the end of the session they turn the music on and dim the lights and you have meditation time for 5 minutes. Mind you the minute I laid down and stopped my mind and head blew up and was so heavy and throbbing from all the hard work my body had just done, It was such a weird feeling I really needed that 5 minutes to take control back over my body so I could walk out of that room safely! My legs have been jelly all night but all these feelings my body is going through have been so wonderful and I know are signs that finally my body is being active! Lets hope I get through the night and I am not too sore tomorrow!

x S.K.K x

Week - a - Boo

~ The kids I look after came to my house Friday night and had a sleep over for the first time. It was fun introducing them to my world ~

~ After a 4.30 am wake up we went for a walk to our local cafe for breakfast...on our way home we stopped at the park and ended up staying for a 3 hour play ~

~ Their favourite part of coming to my house is visiting and playing with all of the animals. They especially love collecting the eggs from the chicken coup ~

~ Nothing better then fresh chicken eggs ~


~ Smoothies for lunch before heading home ~

~ Saturday night I went to the Broncos Leagues Club for dinner with my husband...first time I had seen him all week - but totally worth the wait. Seafood, Pasta, Pizza, Asian and the yummiest desserts all made a naughty yummy dinner ~

~ Sunday I did absolutely NOTHING...I left the mattress in the lounge room from the sleep over and I stayed in my Pj's and watched mindless T.V all day ~

It's sometimes nice to stop and relax and take a me day.

What did you do this weekend??? Head on over to Claire at Scissors Paper Rock and take a peek into other bloggers weekend adventures.

x S.K.K.x

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Election '10

Well its over…finally…after countless tv adds and contorversial radio campaigns  it was time to vote and choose which party will run our country for the next three years. I am unsure whether I agree to the compulsary voting or not. It is wonderful that we live in a free country where we have the right and a say in how our country is run but unfortunatly these days I feel our generation is simply not educated enough to be voting and making such a crucial decision for our country. A lot of people these days do not take an intrest in politics and I think the biggest reason for this is because we ae simply not educated. I say 'we' because I am definatly one of these people. Yes we studied the basics of government in grade 7 whch was topped off by a trip to sydney and canberra which included a trip to parliament house. But that was just learning the running of the governments and the house and not actually about the parties themselves and what they stand for. I feel the ads and ‘discussions’ on tv end up becoming so childish, pety and controversial that I ended up giving up on listening as they were more intersted in shutting down each other than really showing and teaching us what they are about. 

I wouldn’t have a clue about Labour and Libral and who is what and what they stand for. I feel because Julia Gillard has been appointed prime minister there will be a majority of our peple voting for her simply because she is a female and not because she has our countries best interest at heart and in reverse Im sure there are a lot of people that didn't vote for her because she is a ‘ranga’. I think that because it is compulsary that we vote a lot of people will be making an uneducated decision and will be voting for the wrong reasons which will therefore potentially place a party in control that is not best suited for our country.I am sure there is an extremely large group out there that voted for the 'sex party' just because it was funny. What does this party even stand for...besides the obvious...and how will it help our country. 

I have absolutly NO IDEA about politics and unfortunatly I dont think a lot of people do, which scares me that the wrong party will get voted in by people 'guessing'. Lets hope we get it right.

x S.K.K x

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Wordless Wednesday

Join in the wordless Wednesday fun here at Faith Hope and a whole lotta Love

Ugandan Penfriend

This lovely ladies name is Ritah Nanulumba and she is my penfriend from Uganda!

Ritah is 18 years old and lives in the village of Kyabirwa. She has a daughter born earlier this year whose name is Shalon. Her husband (though they are not officially married) is in his late 20's and his name is Emma. Ritah also cares for two other children so she will often say she has 3 children. I am not sure if the other two are her husband's from a previous relationship or if they are orphans from either her family or his.

My dad's partner is a volunteer over in Uganda and teaches English to the ladies over there. 

You can follow her blog here

The penfriend program was designed to help further develop the ladies English writing while also making friends and learning about our beautiful country!  I have only received one letter from Ritah and I will be writing to her in response and telling her about my life here in Australia! I can't wait to receive my next letter from her. We only get 4 letters a year as it takes months and months for the letters to be delivered back and forth. We can also include small gifts for our pen friends and their families but it must be small and light as the postage is very expensive. I'm thinking of making a small bracelet with a symbol for me and a symbol for Ritah on it and sending one to her and keeping one for me so we can both wear one. It will always be a reminder to me to be happy and be thankful for the beautiful life I have and how special this connection is!

If you are interested in becoming a penfriend please contact me and we can organise a lady for you :)
I will keep you all up to date with my letters from Ritah!

x S.K.K x

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Byjingo's Tie Dye

Byjingo's Tie Dye was created by mummy duo Tammy and Mel! This is their mummy business that they have been nurturing like one of their own.They do all of their own tie dyeing in their spare time on sunny days with love in their hearts and children at their feet. All their colour choices are made with various inspiration behind them, including you. They take pride in what they do and hope that you enjoy their products as much as they enjoy putting them out there and seeing them in all their psychadelic wonder. 

This is my cousins business and fell in love the minute I saw their gorgeous products at the markets.

Their products range from gorgeous baby jumpsuits...
 to matching baby sets...

from boys clothes...

 to girls clothes...

 to anything in between...

Please check out their facebook page here and loose yourself in the wonder of colour!  

Every item is made with splashes of colour and a whole lot of love!
 Why not brighten yours and bubs day :)  
 x S.K.K x