Monday, June 28, 2010

Being Vanilla

Recently a friend of mine described me as being "Vanilla" Totally puzzled and having no idea what this meant I pushed for more information, her answer was short and sweet - Vanilla is plain and boring. Bit of a kick in the gut and a blow to my ego! This was many months ago yet it always seems to play at the back of my mind! I know she probably didn't mean any harm but isn't it funny how harmless words can sometimes dig their way in and make you question!

After a bit of 'Image Searching' and I guess 'Soul Searching' I came across a few images of 




When I think of vanilla, I think of hot summer days eating vanilla ice cream on the beach. I think of beautiful vanilla bath creams that makes my skin feel wonderful. I think of the sweet smell of the vanilla candle in our lounge room. I think of birthday parties with yummy vanilla cupcakes

You know what...I think I like being  

Sunday, June 27, 2010

A Sunday Quiz

When reading through my favourite blogs this morning I came across Lifes Little Whispers latest blog about a little quiz that has been circling around the blog is my take on the questions...Enjoy x

1. If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be?
In a beautiful little log wood home in the middle of the country. With plenty of land for our animals to 'stretch their legs' and for Rob to build his dream nursery and native bush land. I would have my own little room with the comfiest of couches surrounded by floor to ceiling book shelves with all my favourite books. It wouldn't matter where this house was because if I have my family with me then I have the world!

2. What is your favourite band?
I am not band type of girl I'm more a fan of solo artists. My favourites are Celine Dion and Mariah Carey.

3. If you could be someone else for a day, who would it be?
My Husband. How his mind works baffles me everyday. He is so in tune with everything that is going on and is so helpful, considerate and on the ball all the time, I wonder how he does it all!

4. Concert or Broadway show?
Broadway! Stage shows! They are so amazing! I have been to so many I can't even keep count! This is thanks to my lovely mother who started taking us when we were little and we haven't stopped since! I am looking forward to seeing Mamma Mia in August! My 3rd time seeing it on stage ;)

5. Theme song for your life?
I absolutly can not choose! I may have to ponder this question a little bit more and update it in a blog further down the track!

6. Fancy dinner at a nice restaurant or a picnic in the park?
Picnic in the park - or beach - or rain forest - or bush...the one thing I love about my husband is that he is an adventure seeker! He has opened my eyes to the world of nature and we have been discovering it and enjoying it ever since!

7. Favourite place to shop?
I have come to fall in love with Robina Town Centre as it has such a beautiful atmosphere and has every 'major' shop I would need and also these divine stores I love to go and browse through! kikki.K ~ Belle Collection ~ Home Sweet Home ~ Loot ~ QBD

8. Favourite movie?
I can not choose one so here is my short list! The Other Boelyn Girl, Mona Lisa Smile, Legally Blonde, Sex and the City 1 & 2, Twilight series, Grease, Enchanted, The Wedding Date, Deep Impact, Walk the line, Coyote Ugly, Mamma Mia

Why not have a try at answering these yourselves! I'm off to loose myself in the world of my latest book and soak in a body shop milk bath!

x S.K.K x

Our Little Family

Here is a sneak peak at my little family!
aka: The Farm 

Our Girl Bindi

She is our first 'baby' and very spoilt! She is a german shephard x cattle dog and is the silliest, most playful and totally lovable dog in the world! She brings joy to my life every day! 

Our Big Boy Blaze

 I call him our ballet dancer...look at that turn out! I always say only a mother could love that face haha he is (we think) a corgi x boarder collie but is just so adorable with his HUGE ears and SHORT legs haha he is a bundle of energy and can give you a big sloppy kiss on the cheek with one bounce! Don't underestimate those short legs!

 Sebastian is my parrot that I bought with some birthday money a few years back however he HATES me haha but absolutely adores Rob! He is a quiet little man except when you sneeze and he does a little squawk to say bless you! 

Fish Lips
 Fish Lips is a children's python and is ROBS snake! He is called fish lips because Rob says his bite feels like fish lips...I have yet to test this theory out ;) 


 Shakira is one of our 3 chickens but she is an original! We got 2 chickens from the "hatching program" at my old childcare centre that I worked at and we raised them! We lost one and have got 2 more (again from the program) a year later. They give us fresh eggs every morning which is such a treat! 

Brad and Angelina
Not much to say about these 2 except they are cute but stink :P 

Miss Molly 
 Our latest addition to the family is Miss Molly! She is the sweetest cat I have ever met and is so lovable and cuddly! 

 Roxy was my first puppy I ever bought and got her before I met Rob, unfortunately she had to stay with mum and dad when I moved out as I went to a unit. She still lives with them but she will always hold a very special place in my heart! 

Now you know why I call it our farm :) Yes we have a lot of pets but I wouldn't have it any other way! We love them all xx

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Special Moments

"As I live each day, may I do my part, to make a difference, and touch one heart. Each day it is my goal, to bring smiles and laughter into a soul."

So I have become a bit of "blogaholic" lately and I have found that I have been loosing myself in the world of blogs each day! The inspiration, the love, the joy, the laughter, the tears and the true honesty of these people have taken over all of my spare time at the moment.  I am a simple girl who appreciates the little things in life and truly enjoy making myself a hot chocolate and sitting down at my computer and entering the world of other peoples lives. When reading these blogs I always find myself escaping to those special moments that I have had in my life. It's funny how a paragraph from someone's experiences can take you back to a special moment in your life. 

After months of reading and enjoying the stories of my fellow bloggers I realised that I had a lot to say and share! I found myself blogging in my mind before I would go to sleep! Sharing what I did that day or my thoughts on an event that has happened or my concerns of a situation I had witnessed. So here I am, actually writing it all down! The quote at the top of my page is one of my all time favourite quotes that I try to live by each day. This is quite easy being a nanny as the simple act of pretending to be a fire engine and saving buzz from the top of the shelf brings absolute laughter and joy to a 2 year old! Therefore if one person reads this and it brings a smile to their face or reminds them of a special memory they have had or inspires them to take that one step towards a goal then I have succeeded :-) 

"Life is busy - So remember to stop and appreciate those special moments - they will be memories that last forever"

x S.K.K x