Tuesday, July 31, 2012

A Simple Message

Last night I was ready to loose it!
Rob and I were in bed by 9.30pm! Awesome! Early night! I was confident I would fall straight asleep, as I felt the last month of insomnia was falling very heavily on my shoulders! My eyes were closed but my mind was ready to party! The minutes ticked by! Nothing in particular was really on my mind! I wasn't worried or nervous about anything! I just could not fall asleep! 9.30 turned into 10.30 and 10.30 turned into 11.30! I was seriously not letting this happen...again...for another night...another week, of no sleep! I stayed in bed! Determined to not give in and get up and do something! But eventually after 2 hours of laying in bed and not falling asleep, the ever so familiar frustration in my body started to show! I immediately got up, had a stretch and wrote a blog that was a week over due! I thought if I uncleared my mind and my 'to do list' my sub conscious would be free and I would fall into a blissful sleep! NEGATIVE! I was back in bed by 12.30 but by 2.30am I made a desperate call for help!

My 'Special Moments' blog page is full of people who genuinely care about me! My Facebook friends who have taken the time to 'like' my page and keep up to date with my blog! They are my supporters and my friends! I've been very open with them over the past month about everything that is going on. The good and the bad, I take them all on my journey! So last night, well actually this morning, I sent out a cry for help! I knew I needed to get back to the gym! The gym is the only thing that helps me sleep! Don't know why, don't know how. All I know is that earlier this year I started at the gym and slept for the first time in 5 years! 5 weeks ago I stopped going to the gym and 5 weeks ago I stopped sleeping!

Getting back into a routine is hard! When I don't sleep at night it is SO hard to wake up in the morning and do exercise! And that's where the vicious cycle starts! I can't go to the gym because I'm so tired yet I can't sleep because I'm not at the gym! Something needed to crack and last night it was me! I called for help and this morning at 8.00am my call was answered! A beautiful friend messaged me!

She was making me accountable for my actions and making me answer my own cry! The minute I got the MSG, eyes the size of golf balls, I smiled! There is someone, out there, willing to get behind me and push me when I was too weak and scared to push myself. All I needed was that little sign to show me that someone cared enough to take 2 minutes out of their day to message and say 'go for it girl' It wasn't just me fighting my battle anymore, I had support behind me.

So I got up...packed my bag...and went to the gym!

As I sweat it out in that class this morning and as every muscle in my body burned, all of the memories came back! Every reason why I started the gym in the first place came rushing through my head and I pushed! I pushed harder than I ever had and didn't give up once! When I finished another message was waiting for me! Another sign to show me I was not alone!

Life will get hard over the next few years and there will be times that I will want to give up, but I will have no choice but to keep going! The gym is not only training my body but my mind! Showing and proving to myself that I CAN keep going and giving up is not an option! With this body and mind training, and my beautiful friends to support me, I know that I will be able to take on anything that life has in store!

A simple message can make a world of difference!
Thank You Sara and Bindy!
I am so lucky to have you both

x S.K.K x

Christmas in July

2012 marks our 5th year in our home! Ever since buying our house and moving in together we have hosted an annual 'Christmas in July' party! A tradition we started as a young couple and have continued throughout the years. It was never planned or organised as a specific tradition but as the years have rolled by our 'Christmas in July' has stuck...and I LOVE it! Some years have been huge, some have been small, some have been during the day and some have ended in the early morning with drunk boys skating at the skate park...don't ask! Whatever we do, whatever we plan, we always have fun!

This year, July arrived VERY FAST! I absolutely can't believe how fast this year is going! Before I knew it, June was gone and I was turning the page on our calendar to our 'festive' month! Whoops no plans! We decided to keep it very low key and at the last minute I decided that we would have a 'Dessert and Cocktail Christmas in July'

So a 'Dessert and Cocktail' night we had...

Christmas in July is very 'American' so a few years ago I decided I needed a 'tacky Christmas sweater' just like my favourite American Christmas movies! I searched high and low and found this baby! 
It comes out every year! It definitely adds that festive touch to our tradition ;-) 

It was sooooo cold this year and rained non stop the week leading up to our night so we transformed our back room into a "Christmas Wonderland"

Miss Ruby spent the night with us and was a hit with all of our friends! She loves to party! 

 This year I decided to let my hair down and have a few drinks! I have not drunk alcohol in about 4 years, apart from the odd cruiser here and there! I was apprehensive and literally felt nervous about drinking again. Boy am I glad I did! It was just what I needed after an extremely tense month! Our bartender Shane made us the most delicious fruit tingle! My dear friend Amie and I did not hold back on them and we may or may not have ended up on the road playing miniature bowling! It was a night of fun....a different kind of fun that I hadn't had in so long! I didn't get 'drunk' but I felt 'happy' and I didn't have a care in the world that night! I laughed and sung and partied the night away with my favourite people! 


x S.K.K x

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Vets & Pizza Parties!

 Our weekend started off with our annual vet visit. The dogs go in once a year to get their yearly checkup and to get vaccinations and heart-worm shots. Our babies were pretty good this year! Well Bindi was loving it sick! She owned that vet table like it was the Olympic podium. She jumped straight up on it the minute we got into the consult room and sat there proudly! Getting her off was the real mission! Show off! Wonder who she gets that off ;-) Blaze on the other hand wasn't so silly and he knew that his butt and nose would be 'tampered' with and he WAS NOT having a bar of it! Ive never seen him so scared at the vet before! In lif,e generally, he is a bit of a scaredy cat and doesn't like storms etc but on this particular Saturday I had to hold him down with all my strength so the vet could quickly do her job! No liver treat was going to trick our boy!

 I love this photo SO much! It shows the true love and friendship between them! Melts my heart!

That Saturday night we had a PIZZA PARTY!

I am so lucky to live on the best street in the world! My cousin lives 5 houses down and I love being so close! It means we get to be apart of each others lives on a daily basis and we are always there living, loving and sharing our lives with each other. We have become so close in the past few years and I am so grateful and thankful to have such a supportive best friend in my life. Saturday night was one of those nights where we spontaneously had a pizza party. Ok so they were having pizza for dinner and we dropped in and one thing led to another and we planned a party! That's just how we roll!  


They own a pizza oven! OMG it is so amazing! Nothing and I mean NOTHING beats a wood fire pizza! 
To be able to make it yourself is just even better! 


 The table was set and we all made our own pizzas! C made all the Pizza Dough from scratch and it smelt amazing! Of course boring old Miss Coeliac over here had a gluten free base which proved very difficult to cook but we got there in the end! Next time we are buying GF flour and making our own!

My gorgeous cousins definitely enjoyed the night!

What's a pizza party without chocolate pizza? This was my first experience! Pizza, nutella and banana in the wood fire oven, topped with vanilla ice cream! Holy heaven on earth! AMAZE!!!!!

The kids watched a movie and then went to bed and the 4 adults stayed up for a few more hours just talking, laughing and running into glass doors!
 Again...that's how we roll! 

x S.K.K x

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Fighting the Flu - Med Free

I am back at work now after a full week of holidays! 7 days of no work, no children, no traffic, no alarms. Just 7 days of catching up with all of my gorgeous friends and their babies, lots of movies, plenty of gym time, shopping and crossing off all those little 'jobs' on my 'to do' list. Oh how wrong I was.

 3 weeks ago I felt it. The sharp pain in my throat as I swallowed. Dam. I hadn't felt this is years. The kids get sick almost every couple weeks but for the past few years my immune system has backed me up and been an armor of steel. Apart from the occasional sore ear, I have not had a cold in...well so long I cant even remember. But this twitch and pain in my throat was all too familiar and I prayed and prayed it would go away just like it does all the time. Not a chance. Thursday came, my last day before holidays, and it hit me. Sore throat, headache, and sore skin. OMG my skin was so sensitive to touch it actually stung! I've never had the flu before, but I after explaining to a few friends my symptoms, I accepted the fact that I was about to tackle my very first flu! I tired to drink plenty of water and kept my talking to a minimum! I was going to crack this flu before it cracked me - medication free!

This is something I haven't really talked about before but I am a medication free girl. I just don't take it. I think our bodies are powerful enough to take care of us. So when I used to get colds or headaches or sore muscles. I dealt with it. I have never taken a cold and flu tablet in my life, panadole, nurofen, nope nope nope and antibiotics...FORGET IT! As a teenager mum used to always find my antibiotic packets hidden around my room with half the packet still left. I couldn't stand them. I was prescribed antibiotics every month of my senior year and it messed with my world dramatically. Ive had enough for a life time. When extreme cases occur, like my surgery a few years ago, I grim and bear it and take what I HAVE to take and then let my body do the rest. I'm not stupid about it, if its needed, I take it, but I listen to my body and trust that I can make the right decision.

So this was my first big challenge as a medication free adult. Taking on the flu. My first flu. It took me 7 days of hard work, determination, will power, lots of water, hot baths, eucalyptus oil, lemonade ice blocks and a lot of social media complaining, But I did it. No cold and flu tablets, no pain medication, no man made junk in my body. Just natural healing.

Saturday to Monday was a bit of a blur! This tested my strength beyond belief and I almost gave in and went to the doctor. My fever hit an extreme high and this is when I really had to listen to my body. I was dangling on a thread of danger. If body temperatures get too high there can be serious consequences. The panadole and nurofen was there in the cupboard if I needed it, but I rugged up and decided to sweat it out. I checked my temp ever hour to ensure it didn't hit high. By Monday night I had cracked it and it went down to 38. The shivering and sweating was gone and I could actually get out of bed and my appetite had come back. From Saturday to Monday all I ate was lemonade ice blocks! They got me through! Once the fever was gone the rest was a bit easier to deal with. The coughing fits I really struggled with but I just kept calm and pushed through them.

I spent 7 days in bed nursing my body back to health. It came at the best time as I had the holidays and I had this chance to just lay in bed and deal with it all naturally. It was a huge test and I am extremely proud that I did it. Our bodies are very powerful. If you give them the chance they can do beautiful things. I choose to live medication free so my body can be as natural as possible so IF the time comes and I do need medication, my body wont be so immune to it and will heal faster!

Don't be so quick to grab the medication.
 Trust your body, know your body, let it heal itself. 

x S.K.K x

Monday, July 9, 2012

A boy called Justin

So there is this boy...he has stolen my heart...and I want to tell you about him.
His name is Justin. His voice can sooth my soul whenever it needs healing. His dance moves can give me energy when I'm feeling down and his smile is so infectious, I can't help but smile every time I see a picture. That's all I've seen. A picture. And a movie. This movie. It absolutly changed my views and I became one of his biggest fans. I am a 26 year old married woman from Australia and I am one of Justin Bieber's biggest fans.
This is the face that I fell in love with! The movie "Never Say Never" introduced me to this amazing boy! I was not a fan. I didn't have an opinion, but I went to see the movie and my mind was absolutly blown! What a voice, what a character, what a special person with so much to offer our world. Here is one kid who knew what he wanted and he went for it! He's not a popular culture product! He wasn't chosen from the crowds and made into a superstar. He had a voice and a dream and he made that happen. He sung for the fans and the fans made him huge! What amazes me about this boy is that he does it all for his fans. 

This is the song that won me over...I still listen to it every few weeks and it still warms my heart every time! 

 It annoys me so much when I see people 'bag' him out. Who the hell are you to judge a person. If you don't like it, shut your mouth. This boy has absolutly done nothing to you, so who are you to be mean. That's all it is sadly. These people are mean. I have voiced my opinion of Justin Bieber on my facebook page a few times and I have had nothing but negativity. To my friends and family, people I love so very much, if you have nothing positive to say, DO NOT say anything at all, especially on any of my social media sites. It is plain bullying. I know he is a star but he is still a person and it is simply mean and I do not tolerate it.

He is just a kid living his dream. A bloody talented kid that deserves the world and I so dam proud that he is taking over just that, the world! The 'haters' can all sit behind their computer screens and fly off their mouth but ultimately they are the ones who are living a sad life and I feel sorry for you. Its like everything in life really. Why be mean? Why be negative? Its not going to get you anywhere. So embrace life, embrace the fun.

I love this kid! He has funk and passion and his voice gets me every time! What a super star! I am 100% behind Justin Bieber and as the kids say...I am his BIGGEST FAN!

x S.K.K x