Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Fresh Flowers

Every few weeks I like to buy fresh flowers for our home! I love the colour, the smell, the freshness and life that flowers bring! We have quite a dark home with lots of dark furnishing so a pop of colour always makes me smile!
These gorgeous yellow chrysanthemums were $5 and add a special touch to our kitchen bench!
Snap dragons are my favourite for the bathroom as they are long and add that extra special touch!
Aren't these colours GORGEOUS!
This special beauty was grown by my very own Rob! Just stunning!

They are huge! As big as my hand!

Our house looks like a construction site at the moment as we are building a fireplace, so these gorgeous pretties make the mess just that little bit bareable! 

Fresh flowers and candles burning makes my heart happy!

x S.K.K x

Saturday, June 23, 2012

The Thailand Shopping

Sorry to disappoint all of you but I wasn't a fan of the shopping in Thailand! To be honest I'm not a shopper here in Australia so I didn't really know why I would be different over there! Everyone was so excited for me to see how much stuff I was going to buy! Negative! It just didn't float my float. It didn't tickle my pickle! I'm sure you understand! I really don't know what it was, but it just all felt wrong. Yes its cheap, yes there's so much of it, yes you can get a Louis Vuitton bag for $50 but that's because it is all FAKE and CRAP! I just couldn't bring myself to get into the 'spirit of Thailand shopping' I had my list of things I wanted and that's all I was going to buy! I almost bought a LV handbag but when they are lined up by the hundreds and in every store it just lost that special touch and I just couldn't go past the fact that they were fakes, no matter how cheap they were! I'm not going to come back to Australia and 'pretend' they are real. Not me! All I wanted was a new pair of sun glasses, a nice watch to wear for work and going out and a fluro handbag. I was extremely happy with my purchases! They were exactly what I wanted! Even if I did have to suck it up and buy the fakes ;-)


These sunnies took me FOREVER to find and cost me a total of $3. For fakes they actually block out the sun extremely well and I wore them most of our holiday and didn't get one headache from the sun! So I think I scored pretty well there! D&G HA! Thailand cracks me up!

This watch  I actually went into a 'back room' for! I know I know! I know I shouldn't do that, but I wanted a more expensive watch that wouldn't break in 2 months! I paid a little bit more money for it as it was a more study make and had a scratch proof face! The lady that sold it to me was really awesome and was straight up with me! No one was pretending it was the real deal and she called them 'fake diamonds' I liked her straight away and bought more stuff off her! If your straight up with me and don't pretend they are real then you were instantly my favourite! I love this watch and have worn it every day since! Works well with every outfit at work, home and outings! 

This gorgeous fluro caught my eye in the same shop as I bought my watch and I knew I wanted it the minute I saw it! Ive been searching for a fluro handbag for a while now and this was the only one I saw in Thailand! Nothing came close to the brightness! It's a 'Jimmy Choo' but ummm I thought old Jim only made shoes! See completely not a 'brand' girl! I had no idea!  

So they were my 3 main purchases from Thailand and I LOVE them and use them every day! I'm sorry to everyone who expected me to bring home 10 LV bags and 5 channel purses! Not my thing! I would much rather save up my money here and buy that 1 special item that I know I have worked hard for! Its real, you go into their real shop, you get their real packaging and it's special! That's my thing! Sorry Thailand :-)

x S.K.K x

Sunday, June 3, 2012

The Decision, The Flight and Settling In

One night while watching TV the question was brought up. What would we do for our 2nd Anniversary? Last year we celebrated our first in a gorgeous cottage on Springbrook mountain. It was exclusive and romantic and we had a very special time! How could we ever top it? Restaurants were discussed, camping was suggested, a trip to the sunshine coast was considered but nothing got us excited! Then we remembered! We had 8 nights booked and paid for in the beautiful country of Thailand! I had bought the voucher a year earlier on a deal site and it was just sitting there waiting to be used! Perfect! We got confirmation from both our boss' and booked the next day! We made the decision and booked and were leaving in 6 weeks! 6 WEEKS! Talk about last minute and a spontaneous decision! But I guess that's how the best made plans are made! The 6 weeks flew by and the excitement was building! We had no plans, we didn't know anything about the country or the town we were saying in. All we knew was that we had 2 tickets to a beautiful resort in Phuket, Thailand and we had 9 days to do whatever we wanted...together!

I was in 2 states about this trip! I was out of my mind excited as we were off to explore a new country and experience so many new adventures! However this made me a little apprehensive! Something didn't feel right! I don't know what it was but I felt uneasy! I think it was because we had no plans and no idea! We were going to a completely foreign county with no schedule, no bookings, no plans! This was exciting but holy crap what on earth were we going to do! I also felt I was going to die but that's a totally different story all together!

The 11th of May came and we were off! We didn't tell anyone exactly when we were going! Only some of our close friends knew! It kind of made the whole trip that extra little bit special! We didn't not tell anyone on purpose but we just didn't want to announce to the world that we were leaving the country for a week with no one at our house! If we saw people we told them but other than that it was quite a surprise! We both worked the Friday then we came home got our bags and my mum drove us to the airport. Our flight left at 11.20 pm and we arrived in Thailand at 9.35am the next morning, with a quick stop over in Kuala Lumpa on the way. Guess what? I didn't get sick! It was the longest I had ever flown! 7 hours then 2 hours and I was awesome! The flight was really good! A bit of turbulence through the night but it was just like being on a roller coaster so it was easy to handle! I started watching 'The Vow' but sleep finally took over and I was in the land of nod for about 6 hours! Boom! How awesome is that! By the time I woke up and finished my movie it was time to land! The connecting flight from KL wasn't as good. I got quite sick and this shut me down for the rest of the day, but that's ok! Could of had worse! FYI being coeliac on a plane trip sucks the big one! No thank you I don't want to eat rice crackers with capsicum and cucumber (nothing else) that is completely soggy and squishy! I'd rather starve! Lucky I came prepared and took crackers and peanut butter! Winning!

We arrived in Thailand and it was full on! People warned me about their 'in your face' approach to life but I swear I was asked if I wanted a taxi about 20 times before I even left the airport. Lucky we had a transfer waiting for us so we felt a sense of relief when we got into the car and started heading for our hotel. UNTIL...we got on the main road and our driver completely switched into grand theft auto mode and drove 1000 km per hour through every single street! Holy crappers I thought we were going to die! There are no rules in Thailand. They just GO! Rob and I sat there holding hands with our jaws on the ground! We couldn't believe it! Fast forward 50 minutes and I swear to god I could have kissed every person at that hotel and the ground I walked on because we got there in 1 piece! These Thai drivers are insane!

Our hotel was amazing! We were so thankful it was gorgeous and completely worth the horrific drive! (P.S the driving was like this the entire time we were over there, you kind of just get used to after a while) we explored the resort for a while and saw everything it had to offer us! 4 pools, 6 restaurants, spa, gym, this place rocked. We chose one of the poolside bars and had our first drink and just sat back and took it all in! We were here! A a year of wishing, 6 weeks of waiting and several crazy hours of travel...we were here! Dam it felt good. No plumbing, no kids, no cars, no phones, just us and this crazy country just begging us to explore! We smiled at each other and knew we had made the right decision! Thailand watch out!

No sneaky drugs were getting into our bags!
Our 2 year anniversary had officially begun!
Our beautiful resort we stayed in - Katathani Beach Resort!
Exploring the gardens! Completely beautiful!
This is where Rob and I got a couples massage! Overlooking the beach and gardens! Pure Bliss!
Our room!
When we got to our room they had left us this gorgeous little anniversary cake! CUTE!
A photo I took of our resort at night! Heaven!

Enjoying our first drink overlooking the beach and the pool!

x S.K.K x

Friday, June 1, 2012

A Wintery June Blogiversary

I found a place, a space, that allows me to stretch my wings, open my heart and search my soul. 

These last 2 years have been a roller coaster of emotions, events and adeventures and having somewhere to write and document every feeling, every photo, every smile and every tear has brought me so much happiness! I love writing, I love taking photos and to be able to combine these two and create my little piece of art has been so very special. I am so lucky to have made some beautiful friendships through my blog and I love each and every one of you. Thank you to all of my readers, family and friends for supporting me through this journey. I love being able to share our lives with you.

I am just a simple girl, living a simple life, finding the beauty in everything and living each day with pure joy and happiness. I cherish every single special moment as I know they will be the memories that last forever!

Thank You
x S.K.K x