Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Pregnancy Weeks 9-11

What a year 2013 was! It seriously was one of the best years of my life. I traveled to America, competed in Tough Mudder and fell pregnant with our beautiful IVF baby.
You just cant beat that! 

We celebrated 2013 and welcomed 2014 with dear friends camping. It was so good to just relax and chill out and sit around the fire. No crazy parties for us this year. I liked this better! It fit and was the perfect way to welcome one of the most important years of our lives.

Once New Years came and went I had 4 days left of my 2 week break from work. Mum, Dad and I took advantage of the time and hit the road and traveled up north to visit my grandparents. I haven't been up there in years and knew I knew needed to go! It's my favourite place in the world and it was important for me to be with my family.

~ 10 Weeks ~

Once we got home it was straight back into work and routine. It was so good to not focus on my sickness and just put all my energy into my little ones...and silently die at the end of each day haha I attempted to go back to training once I hit 11 weeks and tried one session but was severely sick for 3 days after. I literally didn't eat for the first 3 months of my pregnancy so I felt it wasn't safe for me to be exercising when I couldn't fuel my body at the same time. I tried a few walks here and there but my training was a thing of the past and was put on hold until I could eat and gain some strength.

~ 11 Weeks 3 Days ~

We also made our first purchase for baby's nursery during week 11. Rob and I took one day to go look at baby furniture and big ticket items. We wanted to get an idea at how much things were and get a feel of what we liked. Well we saw these set of drawers and both fell in love. It is a black vintage dresser and it is just perfect. This will be used as drawers and the change table. I love love love it!

Peace, Love and Hope

x S.K.K x

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Pregnancy Weeks 5-9

After receiving our official positive test from our IVF clinic on November 25th it was a whirlwind couple of months.

At just 4 weeks and 5 days baby went to it's first concert. My one and only Justin Bieber! This has literally been a bucket list item for me and I was so excited to go and watch it knowing our baby was nice and safe inside me. Was a special moment I will not forget. 

  The following week at 6 weeks and 1 day Baby went to it's 2nd concert. Taylor Swift :-) What a show! Seriously she was amazing! Although as you can see from the picture I was SICK as a dog and was sucking on lollypops the entire time to try stay conscious. Please note this girl who suffers from severe motion sickness and was suffering from morning sickness SHOULD NOT have taken the bus in! I swear i nearly vomiting over the entire bus! Taylor made it worth it! AND I got to see Guy Sebastian as her support act so I was pretty stocked!

To finish off the year of concerts a week later at 7 weeks Baby and I went to see one of my all time favourite bands Human Nature. It was their Christmas special and I loved every minute of singing carols and listening to their amazing voices knowing baby was settling right in with me! 

Too bad Baby hadn't formed their listening yet because the first month of their little life inside me was full of awesome music. It was so special to finally see all my favourite artists being pregnant. Was really the icing on the cake!


 On the 15th of December 2013 at & weeks and 2 days pregnant I turned 28.
My darling Rob invited all our friends and family over for a BBQ and a swim and I pretty much stayed inside in front of the aircon trying not to spew. I tried so hard to socialise with our guest but seriously I just couldn't. I was so grateful to each and every single one of them for coming and making the effort for me even though I pretty much ignored everyone with my unconsious state! Even though I was in this mess my heart was full and I was so happy. I was surrounded my so people who love me, I had a husband who was by my side and a beautiful baby growing in my tummy. Turning 28 was pretty awesome!

We went Christmas light looking with our family and it hit me. This will be our last Christmas as just us 2! Even though really there are 3 of us in this photo!

We then celebrated Christmas 2013

~ Christmas Day 8 weeks and 5 days ~

On Boxing Day we packed up and left for our annual camping trip with our best friends.
I seriously look forward to this every year. It was 4 days of swimming, 4WDing, kite flying, relaxing, sleeping and enjoying the fresh sea air with our favourites.

Peace, Love and Hope

x S.K.K x

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Peeing on that Stick

After our transfer on the 13th of November 2013 I took 2 days off work for bed rest! I got mixed advice about bed rest after transfer. The nurses said take as long as I can to settle that baby, the doctor said to just go about my normal activity like any normal person would. Well I wasn't a 'normal person' I didn't get to make love and put my feet in the air. I had a long process and I didn't feel right getting up straight away. I knew I needed this embaby to feel safe and warm and I wanted to give them every single chance I could to implant. I kept my body warm, I only ate warm foods and I kept very still. 

From the minute our baby was transferred we immediately said we were PUPO...pregnant until proven otherwise. As I said in my previous post...there was no room for negative thoughts. I was pregnant and this had worked. This was how we talked, thought and acted....that I was pregnant. I took 2 days to rest and begged and begged for our baby to stay with me. I had funny little moments that surprised me. Like every time I sneezed I would apoligise to our baby...I still do to this day...out of habit. In these 2 days of bed rest I had completely 100% convinced myself that I was pregnant. Well so I thought. This is where my mind and reality started to really confuse me.

By Friday the 15th which was 2 days past 5 day transfer or 2dp5dt I kept laughing to myself and crying to myself and then laughing again because I absolutely knew I was pregnant. You know how they say 'mothers intuition' well I always thought that was a load but holy moly it is so true. I know it's cliche but I just felt it. I wasn't sure however, whether it was my awesome power of positive thinking or I really was pregnant and my mummy instincts had kicked in. The feeling didn't go. Over the weekend I just kept shaking my head and saying I am totally pregnant. 

I still had to wait 2 weeks for my blood test. The dreaded 2 week wait. I have never been one to test. In the whole 2 and a half years of trying for our baby naturally I think I only ever tested 3 times and that was because I had a day late period. It never even crossed my mind to test during the wait for our blood test and we told everyone we wouldn't. My feeling was so strong though and it was sooo hard to tell whether it was my mind or reality.

On Sunday night I picked up 2 packets of pregnancy tests and put them in my bathroom for 'just in case'

Well Monday morning came and I was 5dp5dt and I still felt 'pregnant' so I tested. I got up before the sun to ensure it was 'good pee' and also so Rob could be there with me. I peed and dunked and waited. We waited the 5 minutes. There is was. POSITIVE. Dam faint but there were 2 lines on that stick. Hells yes! I wasn't a crazy person after all. Just a mummy who knew she was 'with child' ;-)

We knew we couldn't take this as 100% positive as there was still a chance that this positive was from my trigger shot so we had the grueling wait till the next morning to test again. I didn't need any convincing though. I was totally pregnant.

The next morning I tested again...6dp5dt
5 minutes later...2 lines!
It was darker. My levels were growing. That's not the trigger. That's a pregnancy.

It was exciting. Our own little secret. We didn't tell a soul and I lied to everyone who asked me whether I was testing. For once it was amazing to control our conceiving journey ourselves and not have any doctors or nurses involved. 

 The next morning I tested again. This time there was no waiting for 5 minutes. The second my pee went through the tube the strongest positive line appeared!! There was no denying it. The stick doesn't lie. I couldn't believe how fast and how strong the line was and only after a couple of days.

 I had only ever been testing in the morning. Using my 'strongest pee'. So after that super strong line in the morning I decided to tempt fate and pee after lunch. Positive..again! Praise the Lord. I messaged Rob the picture. I told him as soon as I finished work that I was going to race down and buy a digital test. If that came back positive then I was calling it.

 Well at 6.00pm on the 20th of November at 7 days past 5 day transfer after 4 positive POAS and a positive digital clear blue we called it and made it official...


We told our parents. It was happening.

I tested for the next few days. Every morning the line got stronger and darker. I loved seeing it grow knowing that it meant my levels were growing and our baby was settling in beautifully.

On the 25th of November 2013 I had my blood test for my official pregnancy test.


I had my test taken at 6.00 in the morning and I didnt get a call back from the nurse until 3.00 in the afternoon. Even though we already knew I just needed to hear the words from our nurse. On the phone she asked me how I felt and I said 'pregnant' haha She asked why I felt pregnant...'just a feeling' I said...she totally knew I had tested haha

Well the results were in...we were offically pregnant with an amazing BETA of 608!
I could not believe it! We had done it!

 For the next 2 weeks I got a blood test every Monday and my results came back beautifully. More than beautifully...they absolutely blew me away. I had very high numbers and we had a very very strong baby. I had doubled in 1 week and almost quadrupled the next week. The higher the numbers got the sicker Mummy got haha it was real.


 I finally admitted to our close friends and my TTC sisters that we had been testing the entire time and we pretty much knew from day 1. I don't regret testing. I didn't pee on a stick because I was a crazy tester. I peed on a stick because I just knew! It worked out perfectly for us. More than I ever could of imagined. We got pregnant on our first try of IVF and we got to call the shots for a week and a bit before the doctors took control again. It was all perfect! Thank the lord or Pee on a Stick tests!

Peace, Love and Hope

x S.K.K x