Thursday, March 3, 2016

Special Gems

I love going on beautiful adventures with my boy. We are so lucky to have an amazing son who seeks out adventure just like us. He thrives on the fresh air, the wide open spaces, the thrill of 4wding, the excitement of finding new places and discovering new spaces. My greatest memories will be of my family out on the road! It's our escape from reality, our recharge, our time to be together, cherish each other and really BE together! It's my favourite moments! 

Now H is older and 'eating what we eat' I have discovered a new found love of cooking! I love being in my kitchen, in our home creating wholesome, fresh food for our family. We have started to eat as a family at the dinner table and this has brought me so much happiness! I realise that during this time we laugh and connect more then we do at any other time. In the last few weeks something has clicked and cooking, baking and creating is now one of my favourite time of day. I've learnt to be prepared in the morning and prepare our meals during the day with love and devotion instead of being rushed and stressed in the evenings! A favourite meal of our families is this gorgeous one pot wonder which is filled with delicious vegetables and kangaroo meat. Two words ~ Soul food! 

I put my heart and soul into raising our son and looking after my family but one thing that always gets put at the bottom of the list is looking after myself. I realise I should be at the top. The best thing I can do for my son and husband is to look after their Mummy and Wife so I've been making sure that this starts to move up on my list. It will be a journey but I'm consciously trying to make it climb spaces each day. My first step was to see my GP for an all round wellness check. A good chat about my life and my goals, papsmear, breast check, skin check and full bloods were done to ensure this Mumma is healthy and happy for her family. I was very brave and got a Mickey bandaid after my bloods were drawn. 

A little bit of extra greens is good on so many levels so I try to incorporate them into all of our meals. Green smoothies allow us all to get some added goodness into our diets in a delicious and easy way! These yummy spinach, frozen berries and banana smoothies are now part of our daily routine and I love them! I mix them up with different fruits and make them either water based or dairy based! Yum Yum! 

We are so lucky to have such beautiful spaces right here in our community! Every time we have a break in our days we escape to a park or our local forest! We love playing, running and being free! 

Most of our meals are made with clean and fresh ingredients. I use as many ingredients as I can from our garden! I love the freshness and knowing that it is grown organically and untouched. I love making turkey meatloaf. It's a winner in our household. I stuff the meatloaf with boiled eggs, capsicum, garlic and cheddar cheese and it's a nice little surprise when cutting open the finished product! 

Wrinkly toes in the pool makes me smile. Our summers are hot and the evenings are such a beautiful time to spend in the pool with my boys! The temperature is dropping, a cool breeze whispers over us and the sun starts its journey into another day. Sometimes we throw routine out the window and just spend the entire afternoon and evening in the pool swimming and having fun! These summer nights won't last forever and we are making the most out of every second.

These are the moments that make me happy! 

x S.K.K x