Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Pregnancy Weeks 19-20

19 Weeks! This week my belly has GROWN! I'm feeling more rounded and I can really feel the stretching and growing inside. I still feel my actual skin has started stretching yet and I think I have a few good weeks before I'm at my limit and it starts stretching out but I sure can tell the difference! Baby moves most afternoons and randomly at night! I've added another pillow to my collection for sleeping. Since my surgery I have always slept with 2 pillows, 1 under my head and the other cuddling under my belly. I now have added another one which I put in between my knees or behind my back for more support. I will sleep awesome if I'm in bed by 9pm however anything after that is hopeless and I am awake all night! If I keep this routine up I will be fine :-) Cheese Cheese Cheese I seriously can not get enough! I will eat it at least 2-3 times a day. I will cut a big chunk off and nibble away like a mouse or fill a cup of grated cheese and pick away. It's the one thing I am craving! We received a beautiful hand made blanket from a beautiful lady I have met through this blog and I am totally in love with it. I will cherish it forever and I can not wait to wrap up our special little bundle of joy! I am seriously loving feeling amazing and I am so happy and I am ready to hit the half way mark!

We are officially half way Woohoo!! It hasn't been the best week so far as this Mumma caught the dreaded vomiting bug. Oh lord it was horrible. I woke up at 1.30am with pain in my upper gut area. I put it down to baby but it was hard to forget. I got up and walked the house trying to get some relief. I also ate a bowl of cereal thinking it may have been hunger pains. I fell asleep shortly after. 4.00am I woke up and knew I was going to vomit. Thank gosh I had my bucket under my bed from my first trimester morning sickness as there was no time and that's when it all started. Every hour on the hour I vomited. I literally just thought it was morning sickness but by 7.30 I knew it was too in sync to be morning sickness. I called off work and thank god I did because I was still going, every hour, at 4.00pm that afternoon. At 5.00 my OB sent me to the emergency to refuel my fluids. Normally I wouldn't have gone but I didn't want to take any risk with baby. I couldn't get dehydrated and I just couldn't keep any water in. A trip to the hospital, 2 bags of fluids, 2 shots of anti nausea and I was right to go home. I didn't stop till late the next day but gosh thank goodness it didn't stay any longer. I got to sleep and recover for a few days and was right after that. My poor Rob caught it as well so it was a bit of a feral household for a few days.

After all the sickness I am trying to not focus on the way I'm feeling now and enjoy being half way and reaching this special milestone! Baby boy has been moving like crazy this week and he moves so many times each day and constantly moves between 8-midnight! I'll remember that one! Last night in hospital was the first time he kicked and I felt it with my hand on the outside! I swear he was getting angry at my cause he was hungry and thirsty haha but it was amazing to finally feel it on the outside! It was just one single kick but it was all I needed. The sickness kind of took away the end of this week but before that I was feeling amazing! This week we stripped the nursery to prepare for painting and new floors. The walls were white at 1 point in time Im sure but now they are stained yellow so a nice fresh coat of paint is needed. We also ripped up the ugly brown carpet and are replacing with a wooden floor. Nice fresh and simple for our boy. This week we also bought a cradle. We weren't going to buy a bassinet until baby was born and if we needed it we would race down to the shops and buy one but I came across a brand new boori country cradle and fell in love and it was selling for $50. I could not pass that up so we got it. It will be there in case we need it and if we don't then we can pass it on. I am really looking forward to the second half of our pregnancy and can't wait to get started on the nurdery! It's all happening!

HALF WAY ~ 20 Weeks 

Peace, Love and Hope

x S.K.K x

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Camille Griffiths said...

Being sick while pregnant is no fun, I'm glad you got better so quick! You look great and congrats on being halfway!! :)