Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Pregnancy Weeks 21-22

21 Weeks We had our Morphology scan this week and it all went perfectly! Appointment with OB on Monday for follow up! It took me a couple of days to recover from my gastro bug but I got there in the end. I had to wean myself back on to food slowly as i was quite sensitive. Sleeping has been completely off this week but you know...guess it comes with the territory. I started aqua aerobics and I love it! I have a gym schedule now which I love, is gentle and makes me happy! Aqua, cardio, weights and yoga! Baby boy kicks and moves every time I sit and his main party time is between 8pm and 1am! He is very very low and I have a lot of pressure in my lower abdo which is causing some discomfort and making it hard to bend and I'm walking with a waddle! his head sits right down in my cervix and I swear he has not moved for days as his kicks are in the same spot every time! Need to get this kid out of there and up a bit! This is the first week I've felt discomfort but nothing I can't handle! I weigh 69.5kg so I've put on a total of 2kg in my first half of my pregnancy. I'm feeling happy and finding it funny to watch my body change and grow! I'm finally starting to feel 'pregnant' 

Our beautiful Son at 21 weeks.

I wonder who he will look like...Mummy or Daddy?

22 Weeks. Baby Boy is 32 cm long and is starting to dream! Very cool! I'm constantly feeling him move during the day and he falls asleep about 8-9pm That's good news for me and I have had a great week of sleep! We had our OB app this week and everything with baby was perfect and he was happy! I had my first pregnancy massage this week and it was heaven! The painting in the nursery is 90% finished and just needs a top coat on the gloss! I'm eating perfectly this week and enjoying cooking and eating clean again! I've had a full week of exercise and am feeling really happy!!! Weight is 68.5kg so Ive actually lost a kilo yet I feel I am getting a bit bigger all over! Would that be fluid? My gums bleed randomly which is quite gross but normal and I'm starting to feel ligament movement in my pubic area! I have no pain anywhere yet so I think I'm pretty lucky so far! Baby Boy still sits in the same spot all the time with his head facing down and body straight up! I only ever feel him kick between my belly button and pubic area! Still feel like I'm waddling because its my natural reaction to the massive head in my pelvis but im trying to be conscious of this and walk normal when I can to protect my hips and back for as long as possible. I'm sure he will move out of there soon! I'm kicking this 2nd trimesters butt and I'm very happy! Mummy and Bubby are doing perfectly!

Feeling strong, confident and happy at 22 weeks.

Bump is growing and growing. 

Peace, Love and Hope

x S.K.K x

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