Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Pregnancy Weeks 23 - 25

Baby is about 30cm long and is the size of a paw paw! He weighs approx 500 grams. Baby is head down, bum up still and does not stop moving! Every time I sit he starts, although today was the first time I felt him moving while I was standing up and moving about. You can feel and see him from the outside of my belly which is great for Rob! Nursery makeover is complete and the cot and drawers are in! It's now time for this Mumma to create a special space for our boy! I have done no exercise this week as last Sunday I kicked my toe and well what is with being pregnant and everything being extra sensitive haha my entire foot and toe is bruised and swollen. Just from a simple kick. Oh well guess it's time for me to sit tight and just relax. I weigh 69.5kg so still haven't cracked the 70 yet. I'm starting to experience a few pregnancy symptoms like ligament stretching and lightening crutch but no severe pain yet. Insomnia has hit randomly through the week so I can't really complain with some good night and some bad nights! Time is flying and I can't keep up! 

This week was very special for me. There are a group of ladies who mean a lot to me. I haven't spoken about them yet, I will, but not yet. They were and still are my support network. My TTC support, my IVF support and now my pregnancy support. There are hundreds of us from all around the world. We speak every single day and we are each others shoulder to cry on, we are each others rock, our sounding ground, our cheerleaders, our support system. This is all over the internet and we have not met. This week all the stars alined and 4 of us were in the same city at the same time so we decided to meet up and have lunch. These ladies will never know how much I truly love and appreciate them. Even though I am pregnant they still love me and guide me and have never once made me feel guilty. They cheer me on through everything and I can never thank them enough! I pray for them every day and I know that we will all be Mothers together. It may not be this year like we all hoped but it will happen. I just know it!

  This week we did a little bit of photo sharing and comparing hehe. This is Mummy and Daddy as babies and toddlers. I wonder who Baby Boy will look like :-)

24 Weeks!!! We made it!!! Happy V day to us!!! This is a big step in our pregnancy and a huge relief for our beautiful little IVF boy! Over a big hurdle and looking forward to him growing big and strong! I haven't slept this week as you can probably tell haha but I'm coping just fine! I'm craving BBQ chips constantly. Headaches are back but I think it's due to lack of sleep but gosh they are awful! I have only walked and ridden this week and my toe is finally on the mend. Feeling pelvic ligament pressure a lot at night and I'm finding it harder to turn in bed haha I'm starting to feel signs of sciatica but fingers crossed it doesn't turn into anything! This week we purchased my feeding chair which I'm absolutely in love with and find myself sitting in the nursery a lot. It still doesn't seem real! Baby moves non stop and his kicks can push my hand away when I'm not ready for them! I finally cracked the 70kg mark woohoo so I know its time to start growing :-) This boy is strong! I'm still calm and happy and just appreciating every day!

 Loving the combination of walking outside and getting to the gym for some bike sessions.

Baby Boy has GROWN! Oh my goodness he's massive inside my belly and his movements are big and constant! I struggled with motion sickness for a few days this week because his movements were so full on! (I get the worst motion sickness ever as in I can't go on swings or rocking chairs) It was such a weird feeling. He doesn't kick so much rather than roll which makes me feel so sick because it is like I am on a boat. Yes Im a weirdo! I haven't slept this week but I think that's because he had a massive growth spurt and took it out of me! I look worse than I feel I promise haha Weight is 71.5kg woops! that's a kilogram and a half in 1 week. My bad! I am really starting to 'thicken' out and my tummy is getting bigger which I'm finding is quite hard to get used to! It's such a whole new experience. I sometimes forget and then I bend or twist and am quickly reminded that I have to move 'around the belly' I know its all going to get bigger! All in all it's been a quiet week for me but a big week for our little surfer dude!

 Feeling fabulous at 25 Weeks and loving my nightly routine of reading and eucalyptus and lavender rubs! Trying anything to calm myself for sleep time :-)

Peace, Love and Hope

x S.K.K x

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