Sunday, January 2, 2011

My Birthday Celebrations

~ Turning 25 was very special and I was one very lucky girl ~

~ Breakfast at our local nursery to celebrate mine and Dads Birthdays ~

~ A special present from Mum and Dad ~
 ~ My Tiffany that I will treasure forever ~

 ~ More Celebrations with my family ~

~ Rob took me out to Gold Class movies - this was a special treat ~

 ~ I then celebrated a lovely lunch with all of my close friends! ~

I was a very very lucky girl and all of my family and gorgeous friends made this birthday one that I will never forget! I got lots of more presents which included pj's, money, books and best of all KE$HA TICKETS from my sister! Looking forward to a girls night out!

x S.K.K x 


Hayley said...

How lucky are you!!!! Totally jealous of your present I am sure you will treasure it forever :) Hope this year is your year to shine..I feel really lucky to have met such a sweet, generous, and kind person and hope our friendship only continues to bloom xx

The Clip Cafe said...

Happy birthday (late i know) Your day looked great! Spoilt!!