Sunday, January 2, 2011

Christmas 2010

~ Merry Christmas to  my beautiful blogging community ~

I hope that this Christmas brought an abundance of love, joy and peace to you and all of your loved ones. This Christmas was very special to me as it was my first Christmas married to my beautiful husband. It was also my first Christmas that I cooked a dinner for my family. My In-Laws. I know they wouldn't have thought twice about it but I wanted to plan every detail and make my first dinner very special for everyone. The pressure was on though don't laugh...I have never roasted anything in my life. And this dinner I was to roast a chicken, a pork and a turkey. Talk about taking on more than I could handle haha but I must report that the dinner went perfectly. My table that I set up was so simple but just gorgeous and the food was...tooting my own horn delicious! I was very proud of my efforts and my first Christmas dinner for my in-laws was a complete success.
 ~ My first roast Chicken that I seasoned and cooked ~

 ~ My table setting ~

Christmas morning was spent with my side of the family at mums. She puts on a breakfast every Christmas morning and we all gather to celebrate this special day! I love spending the morning at mums. We still get Santa bags and it allows us to still dive into the magic and innocence of Christmas. Here are a few photos from our fun morning, 

 ~ A very special friend bought me this book. Look closely at my right finger - The book was called 'Special Moments' The name of my blog. What a special and extremely thoughtful gift. I will treasure this forever! ~

As I wrote about in my Christmas with a difference post Rob and I decided that for our first Christmas as husband and wife we wanted to do something special for our family and friends! So we added up all the money we would normally spend on our loved ones and then went to Kmart and bought as many toys as we could with that budget. We then donated these toys, on behalf of our family and friends, to those children who are less fortunate than us and needed that special gift this Christmas. Our loved ones sacrificed a present this year so that a beautiful little child could experience the joy and magic of Christmas! We had so much fun choosing all of the toys for these special people. It was definitely a special moment in our lives!

 ~ I hope the children that received these gifts experienced the same joy and magic that we did ~

*** I hope you all had a beautiful Christmas ***

x S.K.K x


Claire Chadwick @ Scissors Paper Rock said...

Oh Sarah, your Christmas looks PERFECT! Well done on the Christmas meal & table all looks gorgeous! And I think you & Rob are amazing to donate all that money & 'gift-giving' to buying underpriviledged kids some awesome new toys!!
Happy New Year Sarah!

Hayley said...

What a great idea I can only imagine how good it made you and Rob feel knowing you have truly made a difference for some little chn!! Glad to hear you finished the year of with a bang and way to go with the are braver than me ;P