Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Let's Build!

The weather has been crazy here in Brisbane lately! The heat over the past few days has been off the charts yet this morning there was a crazy wind that had a very cool breeze to it! Its hard to plan days at work as I don't know whether we can go outside or have to stay inside. Mr 3 is going to a 5 day fortnight Kindy and today was his Wednesday off. Monday's we have Sport and Tuesday's we have swimming and every second Wednesday is a free day to explore, play and learn. It's been hard though since the floods as all of our favourite places to go have been closed or extremely damaged or dirty from the floods. I don't mind playing in mud and the kids actually love it but we have been warned to be careful of the mud that has been mixed with flood water as it can be very toxic! My mind always buzzes on the way to work. I have a 40 minute drive (2 hours in traffic) so I have a lot of time to think. This time is always taken up with ideas on how to make the kids day better than yesterday. I strive to make each day happy and joyful for them. They are in grade 3 and 1 and kindy and that age they have big long days at school so it's my job and mission to make from 3pm - 7pm SUPER FUN! Sometimes there is a lot of pressure on our kids and I find they are growing up so quickly. After homework and ballet lessons and footy training and Cello lessons and tennis lessons (my list keeps going) there seems to be no time left for play! I am savoring every single day I have with Mr 3 as he will be off to school next year so this is our chance to squeeze every last minute of fun and experience we can until he moves into his next journey of pre-prep.

So today I did something different...

Now we all know children have their obsessions. They all have their loves that their little worlds revolve around. I remember when Mr 6 was 3 we could not leave the house without him wearing a spiderman costume! Shopping, gymnastics, school pick up whatever we did he had to be spiderman.Well Mr 3 has his and it's TOOLS!!! This love affair started around 18 months. He has about 100 tools in about 5 different tool bags, boxes and belts. He has every building toy from every toy store and even has 3 sets of real tools. Crazy! But I go with it! He can name every single tool as well. Several days we go to the park and he just sits there watching the builders. No playing just sitting watching them build. So today we took a trip to the hardware store. We were on a mission. We were going to do our own building. I don't know why I haven't thought about this before! I used to do it all the time with the 'schoolies' at my old work. I think I thought he was too young. Well if your old enough to have 3 real sets then you are old enough to build. We went into the store and his gorgeous little blue eyes lit up! He was in heaven! He just kept giggling! So cute! We walked around and around and around! You should have seen the reaction when we went into the power tool section. I swear he grunted and beat his chest hahah Is he really only 3??? 

The men in the shop were so nice! They sent me in the direction of the "off cuts" and even cut me off some more...they could see we were on a serious mission as we had a serious builder on our hands. Mr 3 got to choose all of the wood and nails himself and I let him take it to the counter and pay for it himself. He was on cloud nine. Even though the weather was a bit on and off I decided to take our tools and building supplies to the park so we could do some serious creating! 

Well I did some creating and Mr 3 was just in heaven hammering nails into the wood haha

He kept telling me that I had to be careful when hammering because I could hit my thumb.  He hit his about 4 times and when I asked if he was ok he would reply "Im very fine thanks just keep hammering"
YES SIR :-) I would do anything to see his little face light up the way it did today!

 I think we have a serious construction worker on our hands!

x S.K.K x

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