Monday, February 21, 2011

Special People

If you ask the people who love me to describe me in one word I can guarantee you they would say ‘Corny’. Everything in my life is big and beautiful. Adjectives are my best friend and the absolutely most amazing thing ever invented. How could I ever describe the colour of a sunset without stunning, gorgeous or amazing? How could I tell you about the sunflower without divine, special or captivating? How could I describe a song without magical, soulful or heart wrenching? Everything I see, everything I do is magical. I see the beauty in every sight. I see the joy in every situation. I see the special qualities in every person. Yes things get me down and I go through very hard and painful situations. But the minute I look to the sun, feel the breeze against my face, hear the laugh of a child or the smile of my husband my heart feels warmth and nothing in the world can bring me down. Life is sometimes hard, Life is sometimes painful but I believe every day is a gift so we should celebrate every minute we have. If you believe in yourself and the power of your thoughts you can get through absolutely anything with a smile on your face and a strong, healthy and happy mind. “Believe in yourself” “Never Give Up” Two short but powerful quotes that I try to live by every day. If you want something – Go for it! We tell children everyday “can’t is not a word” maybe we need to start telling the adults as well. So everyone I am telling you right here, right now! I love being corny. It makes life fun and it make me happy.

Life is short – Life is crazy – Life is beautiful
 Make the most of it – Make every moment count

Every now and then you meet a special person that touches your heart. You read about a special person who motivates you to be yourself. You listen to a special person who encourages you to succeed. I am so lucky to have such beautiful people in my life. I have an amazing husband who is my perfect and we live and love passionately. I have a loving a supportive family who is there every step of the way and loves me for me. I have special and unique friends who I laugh, cry and have fun with. Lately I have found a new circle of friends. A new bond that I never thought I would have. Beautiful souls that have touched my heart in more ways than they will ever know, yet I have never met them ‘in the flesh’ I am talking about the gorgeous beautiful and truly amazing people I have met in this crazy online world. 

There are 3 ladies that I would like to take the time to thank and express my gratitude for their zest of life, their love of all things beautiful and for sharing their positive outlook on life with me and showing me that it’s ok to be ‘corny’ and that life is beautiful and we should celebrate this. 

The first lady really was the first person who really spoke to me through her words and showed me that it was ok to be me and was ok to think, feel and act the way I do. She taught me that it was ok to believe in beauty and magic and that life is special. Claire from Scissors Paper Rock is a very unique and special lady with a heart of gold and a sparkle in her eye. She has overcome pain and some hard times with belief in herself and has created such a beautiful and special life for her husband and 3 year old daughter. She has shown me to live outside of the square. She has taught me to be myself and to shine every day. Her words touch my soul and warm my heart and I thank her for being herself in this crazy world and truly seeing the beauty in every moment. Thank you Claire. You are very special.

The next lady I have stumbled across on the fabulous world of You Tube. I must admit I have taken a month off blogging as every couple of nights I get on here and fall into the world of Jewelchic. What can I say? How can I describe this amazing woman? She is a funny, down to earth, special person with a whole lot of love and positive energy to share with this world. Her energetic outlook on life is contagious and her spirit is just heartwarming. Megan encourages me every day with her positive thinking and her outlook and belief in the law of attraction. It’s not always easy to be positive in a world of negativity and pain. But Megan has shown me that it’s ok to believe in what I believe and to put trust in myself and show the world that life is beautiful and if we believe in ourselves then nothing can bring us down. What a beautiful soul Megan has and I am truly grateful to have ‘stumbled’ across this amazing lady and I do hope that one day in the future I will get to meet her. She is a such a joy.

And finally the amazingly beautiful Kelly from Enjoying the small things Words can not begin to describe the strength, love and kindness of this very special women. She is an incredible lady with a heart of gold and a magnificent, strong and inspirational human being. She is an amazing mother to her gorgeous children and I can only pray that I can be just like her. If I am half the mother to my children that she is to hers than I know that I would have succeeded 100% and my children will be the luckiest kids on earth. Thank You Kelly for sharing your story, your love, your life. You are so inspirational.

x S.K.K x

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Claire Chadwick @ Scissors Paper Rock said...

Oh Sarah.... firstly, I was so excited to see that you had blogged! When your post showed up in my blogger-dashboard, my heart skipped a beat :) I was starting to wonder where you had gone & was missing you from the Bloggy World!
Secondly....oh my goodness.... THANK YOU! Thank you for your kind words! Wow, you've truly made my day!!!! I'm so glad I live in a world with other life-loving people like you :) And don't worry....people tell me all the time that I live in a fairy world haaa! But I know I don't....I just simply live, laugh & love and choose to be happy :) And if that makes me corny....then I'm as corny as they come LOL!!
So, again thank you Sarah!!!!
P.S. And oh yes....I too have a little love affair with adjectives :)