Thursday, September 29, 2011

A Noosa Wedding

Noosa - a small little beach town located on the sunshine coast approximately 1.5 hours from Brisbane. I had never been to Noosa before working as a nanny but now I know it like the back of my hand. I know every restaurant, shop and hotel along the famous "Hastings Street" I go up and stay there 3 times a year with work and although I hate and I mean HATE working away from home I cant help to love and be in awe of its awesomeness every time I am there! Awesomeness....hrmm probably not a word but it totally fits.

I have visited ye old Noosa twice in the last 2 weeks. My first adventure was with Rob for our beautiful friends wedding. I was excited to go up and experience this gorgeous place with no kids. No rush, no time limits, just me and Rob and our friends celebrating a special event. I had been hanging out for this weekend for so long because I got Rob all to myself Friday night, Saturday, Saturday night and Sunday! MIRACLE!!! He couldn't work, he couldn't fix anything, he couldn't help anyone, he just had to relax and that was just what the doctor ordered for him!

We headed up after work Friday night and didn't arrive until 10.00pm but boy oh boy it was worth it to arrive at this gorgeous little studio apartment in Noosaville.

We threw suitcases on the floor, considered the spa bath, but ended up throwing ourselves onto the crisp new sheets of the bed and falling into deep sleep ready for our weekend of fun! We woke bright and early and were determined not to waste our precious 2 days up there. We put on our running shoes and took to the footpaths and explored! We walked to Hastings Street which was an approximately 30 minute walk...ok should of only taken 20 but we had to take it easy with my ankle and well I simply didn't want to rush. I wanted to soak it all in. I wanted to hold Robs hand and just enjoy being out in the sunshine in a different space enjoying the walk. We arrived at the beach and she was shinning. What a view. I took a deep breath and smiled.

We walked and talked and enjoyed breakfast over looking the beach! The morning was perfect. We walked back to Noosaville to visit 'the groom' and hung out with the boys for the rest of the morning. Yes ok so I didn't get to have Rob all to myself for the day but just having him by my side and not working was good enough for me. We headed home just after lunch and the big beautiful spa bath in our room was calling our names...loudly. We spent the rest of the afternoon in there and when I looked at the clock it was was picking us up at 3.00pm. Major rush job to get ready but we did it and made it to the wedding in time.

I love outdoor weddings, especially because I was not brave enough to have one of my own. Their wedding was held on the rivers edge and the setting was just perfect. It had been a hot day but the afternoon comforted us with a light breeze which relieved us from the heat and added a soft feeling to the wedding. The brides veil blew slightly in the wind and the bridesmaids dresses flowed and danced as they walked down the aisle. Boats sailed past in the background and seagulls and pelicans flirted in the water. None of this however could take you away from the bride and groom. The happiness that shone on these two beautiful faces was infectious and their love touched each and every one of us. The ceremony was simple and sweet and really reflected our friends love, friendship and respect they have for each other.

 The reception was held just beside at the floating boathouse. It didn't really click with me...floating boathouse..a restaurant that floats...dam it...I didn't take any motion sickness tablets with me so I was gone from the minute I stepped on but I tried to push it to the back of my mind and not let it ruin our night! The room was decorated beautifully and the 'daisy theme' was truly beautiful. I have never been to a wedding with daisies and it really suck in my mind! I was in awe! I love love loved them. Very unique and just so...PRETTY! They were such a change to your usual roses, lily's, peonies or orchids. Just stunning.

 The main thing that really caught my eye and captured my heart was the amazing sunset that we witnessed from the reception. Noosa sure does put on a good sunset.

The reception had a very relaxed feel to it. It wasnt a sit down dinner, it was cocktail food with our own private bar. I was shocked at first with the cocktail food theme as I had never been to one before but it worked. It was breezy, simply and everyone enjoyed themselves. I knew no one and Rob knew everyone, but that was ok. I like sitting back and just watching. People kept asking if I was ok and tried to small talk with me but I didn't want them to feel sorry for me. I was ok. Its who I am. get me with people I know and I'm on fire. I'm as loud and vibrant as the next person but when I don't know anyone I am shy and a bit more reserved. But I like this balance. Sometimes I like to just sit back and soak it all in.

We couldn't be happier for our beautiful friends. Although our friendship has only been short the connection we have made, especially Ben and Rob, is very rare. This gorgeous couple just fit. No effort, no pretending, just fun, genuine people, who have hearts of gold. We are lucky to have found such special friends and even luckier that they are our neighbours. Congratulations Ben and Jade. We wish you every happiness in your amazing journey.

Sunday came and we spent the day at the beach with new friends. OMG I got this amazing mango and strawberry frozen yogurt. I was in HEAVEN. Best I've ever tasted. We headed home Sunday night after dinner with the newlyweds. We were tired but our hearts were full of love and our faces were full of smiles. Perfect weekend in Noosa.

x S.K.K x

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