Friday, March 30, 2012

A Shining Day

It was Friday morning. I had worked a 15 hour day and then only got 3 hours sleep. I was grumpy. I didn't want to get up and I especially didn't want to get up and go straight into work (missing my gym session) to look after 2 boys all day!  As I got to work I opened up Instagram. Instagram always makes me smile. I love seeing all my beautiful friends pictures. It's like a little window into their lives and I love being able to share their journey. Today...well today was different. The picture I saw was on a whole other level. This picture took my breath away.

( Photo taken by 'arronw' )

 It hit me. It reached right into my core and made my heart smile. This picture is an absolutely amazing example of pure beauty. If I could describe my life right now, my thoughts, my feelings, my outlook on would be this picture. No matter how grey or gloomy the word may seem you must ALWAYS look for the shinning light. It's there. It is always there. No matter what the situation or how you feel you must always try to let it go, let the light shine and make your heart smile. Thank You Arron! You truly made my day!


 Now it's Friday evening and I am home by 7.00pm and EXTREMELY ready for a 4 day weekend!
Check out my view driving home! It was magnificent! Completely magical! A full rainbow and oh so bright!
It's picturesque beauty was there from the city, all the way home! Just that extra little reminder that no matter how grey the skies are there is ALWAYS beauty shinning bright for you!

Have a beautiful weekend everyone! 
Keep smiling and searching for that shinning light and rainbow!

x S.K.K x


Bella_K said...

WOW what a great image & I love your rainbow ones!! <3

Anonymous said...

Happy weekend!!!

I nominated your blog for a Cute Blog Award.. (details on my blog!)

Me said...

Thanks for sharing those beautiful pics !