Saturday, June 23, 2012

The Thailand Shopping

Sorry to disappoint all of you but I wasn't a fan of the shopping in Thailand! To be honest I'm not a shopper here in Australia so I didn't really know why I would be different over there! Everyone was so excited for me to see how much stuff I was going to buy! Negative! It just didn't float my float. It didn't tickle my pickle! I'm sure you understand! I really don't know what it was, but it just all felt wrong. Yes its cheap, yes there's so much of it, yes you can get a Louis Vuitton bag for $50 but that's because it is all FAKE and CRAP! I just couldn't bring myself to get into the 'spirit of Thailand shopping' I had my list of things I wanted and that's all I was going to buy! I almost bought a LV handbag but when they are lined up by the hundreds and in every store it just lost that special touch and I just couldn't go past the fact that they were fakes, no matter how cheap they were! I'm not going to come back to Australia and 'pretend' they are real. Not me! All I wanted was a new pair of sun glasses, a nice watch to wear for work and going out and a fluro handbag. I was extremely happy with my purchases! They were exactly what I wanted! Even if I did have to suck it up and buy the fakes ;-)


These sunnies took me FOREVER to find and cost me a total of $3. For fakes they actually block out the sun extremely well and I wore them most of our holiday and didn't get one headache from the sun! So I think I scored pretty well there! D&G HA! Thailand cracks me up!

This watch  I actually went into a 'back room' for! I know I know! I know I shouldn't do that, but I wanted a more expensive watch that wouldn't break in 2 months! I paid a little bit more money for it as it was a more study make and had a scratch proof face! The lady that sold it to me was really awesome and was straight up with me! No one was pretending it was the real deal and she called them 'fake diamonds' I liked her straight away and bought more stuff off her! If your straight up with me and don't pretend they are real then you were instantly my favourite! I love this watch and have worn it every day since! Works well with every outfit at work, home and outings! 

This gorgeous fluro caught my eye in the same shop as I bought my watch and I knew I wanted it the minute I saw it! Ive been searching for a fluro handbag for a while now and this was the only one I saw in Thailand! Nothing came close to the brightness! It's a 'Jimmy Choo' but ummm I thought old Jim only made shoes! See completely not a 'brand' girl! I had no idea!  

So they were my 3 main purchases from Thailand and I LOVE them and use them every day! I'm sorry to everyone who expected me to bring home 10 LV bags and 5 channel purses! Not my thing! I would much rather save up my money here and buy that 1 special item that I know I have worked hard for! Its real, you go into their real shop, you get their real packaging and it's special! That's my thing! Sorry Thailand :-)

x S.K.K x

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Bella_K said...

I love your purchases! And I would feel the same way! That being said I would still get a LV hahaha. Just to do me over until that one day when I get a real one!! I LOVE the watch & you know I LOVED the bag as soon as you posted it on IG & $3 sunnies? That is great!!