Sunday, December 19, 2010

It's Snowing!

How amazing and interesting is it when a storm starts brewing. For a split second you feel and hear the calmness all around you and a sense of eeriness takes over your body and your surroundings. Then the wind changes and picks up and the leaves start blowing in circles, Slowly on the ground first and then they lift and make colourful magic in the air. You then smell that fresh crisp smell of raindrops hitting the grass and hear the pitter patter on the rooftops. It then hits  harder and louder with big hard drops pounding their way onto the road and the trees until BOOM the first crack of thunder takes over the sky. Its so exciting. The way the lightning lights up the sky and puts on a show for all to see. The delicate strikes and the beautiful sheets creating a light show that can only be dreamed of. The loud claps and the deep rumbles of the thunder as it responds to the lightning create a performance far beyond imagination. And then if you are really lucky. CLAP...BANG...TING...the first signs of hail...and on Wednesday afternoon (My birthday) as I was mesmerised by the beautiful storm that was showing off for me the hail came hard and fast. I have not seen a hail storm like this in about 15 years. The balls were big and hard! Luckily Rob had come home early and had showed me the sky and explained how the cold air was moving in on the hot air and creating a cold front which showed in the sky where there was darkness with lighter streaks through the sky.,..confused...yep so was I but he was so excited watching it all happen and brew and was desperate for me to understand. Im getting there! So we had put both cars in and got the puppies inside! The hail was so amazing I was squealing like a little kid!  It was so loud it was scaring me a little but the scare just added to the feeling of excitement and inside my heart was pounding from adrenaline. Got to love Queensland and our summer storms.

It snowed on my 25th birthday ;) What a day! 

x S.K.K x


Claire Chadwick @ Scissors Paper Rock said...

That storm was monstrous hey!!! A cool thing to see on your 25th b'day though!! And.....OMG your yard does look like it just snowed....sooo cool!

Faith Hope and a whole lotta Love said...

awesome!! happy birthday XO