Sunday, December 19, 2010


Happy Sunday to you all! One week until Christmas! Can you believe it! 5 working days and then it is on! I just can not believe how fast this year, this month, this day has gone! Time is just flying by so fast I can hardly catch my breath! It's quite scary actually! In 2 weeks time we will be saying goodbye to 2010 and welcoming 2011! WOAH!

On Thursday and Friday leading up to the weekend the kids that I work with came over for a sleep over. It is always so much fun for the kids to come to my house as it is so different to their everyday lives. They are city kids through and through so they love coming and playing with all the animals, collecting the chickens eggs, swimming in the pool, playing in the front yard and going to the local park. This time I thought I would do something different and we went to the local strawberry farm. Strawberries are not in season so we could not pick them but they have a very cute little petting zoo were you can feed the goats, calves and sheep. the kids had a ball and loved playing with the farm animals.

~ We brought our mattress into the lounge room so that the kids and I could camp out beside the Christmas tree and have a Christmas sleepover ~

 ~ The cutest little calf that was so friendly ~

 ~ Delicious Strawberry Jelly with Strawberry pieces throughout and fresh Strawberry jam from the farm ~

On Saturday I slept until ONE THIRTY in the afternoon Oh My Goodness! I couldn't believe it when I woke up and looked at my clock! In my defense I didn't go to sleep until after midnight Friday night and Thursday night when the kids stayed over I didn't sleep much at all as I was waking up every hour just checking on the kids! SO I definitely needed the few extra hours hahah I spent the rest of the afternoon cleaning and washing and catching up on all the house chores that didn't get done while I was away for work! 

Today - Sunday I had a beautiful celebration with my close friends and Robs and my parents for my birthday. We were suppose to go to the park and have a picnic but last night I made an executive decision and canceled the park and booked a few tables at the local pub. This morning I awoke to rain rain rain so I am glad I made that final decision. 

A beautiful day spent with my very special family and my closest friends! A perfect lunch to end the celebrations of turning 25! What an amazing birthday I have had!!!

Enjoy this week leading up to Christmas! We are almost there :-)
Head over to Claires gorgeous blog and share your weekend with us all!

x S.K.K x


Carly @ Carly Webber - My Life in Colour said...

What a fun weekend, and a big Happy birthday for today! Love the cake - looks yummo!

Claire Chadwick @ Scissors Paper Rock said...

Awww how gorgeous was your weekend?!!!
I'm officially jealous of your 1:30pm sleep-in...that's awesome :)
You do so many special things with the children you work with....they are going to grow up with so many beautiful memories of you!
And you birthday celebration looks like so much fun! Those cakes look so yummy!!!!
Have a great week....1 week til Christmas...YAHOOOOO!

Jill said...

Hi just popping over from Claires blog. Sounds like you have a great weekend Happy Birthday.

Hayley said...

What a fantastic weekend!! The kids are so lucky to have someone as special as you in thier lives!! How awesome that it 'snowed' on your birthday..not many people can say that especially when we live in 'sunny' Queensland :)

Jess said...

Sounds like the perfect weekend. Love the chrissie sleepover idea! I think I might just do that one night this week with Izzy...

Happy Birthday :) x