Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Christmas with a Special Difference

Christmas Christmas Christmas - The shop decorations are out, those 'rebels' have put their Christmas tree up, house lights are slowly starting to appear, the season is literally just around the corner.

~ Rob and I have decided to do Christmas a little different this year ~ 

Each year we make our lists with our families and friends name on it and brainstorm the perfect gift for each of them. Some are easy, some are hard. By the end of it we find ourselves racing the aisles of the shops desperately searching for SOMETHING to wrap for under the Christmas tree.  This shouldn't be what Christmas is about. Yes, it is the time for giving but I really don't believe in buying a random useless present just so we can 'give'. Here I am trying to find a photo album or necklace for a friend that they will probably hate and never use when there are beautiful innocent children all around the world who have very different wishes on their Christmas list. Food, a roof, over their head, a warm bath, a teddy to cuddle at night. The little things that we take for granted every day. Someone once said "you must be the change you want to see in the world" I live my life by this motto every day. I know I don't have the money or power to change the world but I believe by being the best possible person I can be each day and make at least one person smile then I have done my part, my purpose. By being positive, loving, caring and seeing the beauty in everything in this gorgeous world we live in I know that I will make someone happy and bring them peace. 

So this year Rob and I will be donating a present for each family member and friend we normally buy for to a child in need. Instead of spending $20-$30 on each person we will use that money to buy a cuddly teddy or a red car or a yellow truck or a pretty doll for a beautiful little soul. Each year Christmas comes and goes for these children and unfortunately they do not get to experience the beauty and magic. By sacrificing one year of presents, our family and friends will make a beautiful innocent child's day, year, even lifetime. To receive a special gift from a 'secret Santa' will hopefully bring a smile to their precious faces and spark the joy, the magic, the love inside them and they, for one year, get to experience the true meaning Christmas.

As a little thank you for our family and friends we will be giving them a small Christmas decoration that we will make and small card that will read...

A Gift for Giving
On your behalf Rob and I have donated 
a present to a child in need.
May this Christmas decoration always
remind you that in 2010 you sacrificed a present
and allowed a beautiful soul to experience 
the joy, love and magic of Christmas.
You helped put a smile on their face and
made their Christmas very special.
~ Thank You ~

So this is our little way, for our first Christmas as husband and wife, to make a difference.

x S.K.K x


Anonymous said...

That is so beautiful! My eyes welled up with tears. I think I will keep this in mind for next Christmas!!

x S.K.K x said...

Its a very special thing to do!