Friday, June 10, 2011

a BIG day

Wow! What a day! I had today off! YAY The kids are coming to my house for the long weekend so I got a day to recover in advance hahah I'm quite excited for our 'sleepover' They are so excited to come to Robs house...Im clearly not the favourite hahah they see me everyday I'm old news :P Winter is truly setting in here in Brisbane! Its got quite cold quickly! Today I planned to stay in bed all morning and watch tv on my laptop! Then I was going to move to the couch and read the rest of the day away! Staying in my p-js all day. Oh yeah! Perfect day off!

~ plans never happen the way we expcet them to do they haha ~

Here's how my day ended up...

I woke up with the worst pain in my ankle! I thought I was on the path to recovery! I had taken the 7 weeks and rested it and just started doing small exercises (like writing the alphabet with my foot) to help strengthen it! But the last week or so I have been in pain! Every night I get home from work and it is twice the size and I'm not walking comfortably on it! Still hobbling around! It has been almost 8 weeks and the doctor said it would be fully healed in 6-8 weeks! I know everyone's different but surely I would be able to walk to the end of my street and back and not be in terrible pain and have it swell up like a balloon! So instead of my relaxing day off I took advantage of it and went and saw the doctor! She took one look at it and sent me straight to X-rays! Each time she touched it I jumped so she knew it wasn't right! SO my day consisted of waiting around in waiting rooms of the doctors and x-ray surgeries! 

Lucky I had my new book to read! and my favourite part of the day was a quick walk over to 'Maccas' while waiting for my xrays! Best hot chocolates there! So anyway long story short! My ankle is fine! *Insert pure frustration here* The fractures have healed perfectly and there is no sign of anything wrong with the bones! My doctor thinks that the reason why I keep swelling up and in pain is because my ligaments are 'stressed' Gees how do you make the ligaments relax? Ok bad joke but seriously I have to settle them down! So I am off to the physio next week...and a real physio this time not just me self helping myself using Google! Hopefully they will be able to help me with some exercises and get this ankle back on track!!! I will dancing to this in no time!!! 

P.s I forgot to mention that I LOVE my doctor! I have never had a "GP" before! I very rarely go to the doctors and when I go its with whoever is available at the time! Today I found a wonderful lady and I think I'm goign to stick with her! She was fantastic! Ladies and Gentleman I now officially have a "GP" yay! Now I wont be embarrassed when I go to specialist appointments and they ask who is my doctor and all I can do is shrug my shoulders!

So in between getting my Xrays done and waiting for my follow up appointment I decided while I was on the appointment train I may as well go to the chiropractor! I haven't really gone into too much detail on my blog here yet but I have ALOT of trouble sleeping! basically I get about 2-3 hours a night! once I fall asleep! AWESOME! I could sleep for hours! pity my alarm goes off at 6 for work each morning! I go to bed about 10-11pm and I don't fall asleep until after 2 or 3. Those few hours laying in bed 'trying; to fall asleep are pure hell! I turn into a complete mess! I cant stand my body! The way it feels, the way it creeps. I get so agitated i could scream and every inch of my body itches and twitches! Ive tried stretching, I've tried yoga, I've tried hot baths, warm showers, warm milk, hot tea, herbal sleeping tablets, I don't drink caffeine at all or alcohol. I even tried cutting out sugar and chocolate out of my diet! Nope nothing! Its amazing how well I am fiunctioning on little to no sleep! I'm surprised I can run 2 households and look after 14 pets and 3 kids all with this amount of sleep! Ive just learned to deal with it! nothing I seem to try works so Ive just accepted it and moved on! Sleep? Meh who needs sleep! (people do actually - oh there's so many reasons why you need sleep - but I'm trying to be positive here) So that's basically my 'sleeping worries' in a nutshell! 

So I'm going back to the chiropractor because I can feel all the tension building up in my neck and shoulders! Its like im constantly shrugging my shoulders! Thats how tight I'm feeling! My poor chiropractor! She was not happy with me and said I was sooooo tight and she needs to see me every 3 days for the next week or so to get me under control! woops maybe I should have gone sooner! I asked her if it would effect my sleeping (silly question I know but hey just needed confirmation form the professional) She asked me the same old qustions everyone else does - do you drink alcohol? do you drink caffiene? do you drink soft drinks? do you eat sugar? NO NO NO NO NO my body has just decided that I am invincible and I don't need sleep - IF ONLY!!! I would be set! Kellie (thats my chiros name) then asked some more questions - Do you eat avocado? Do you eat broccoli? Do you eat tomatoes? Do you eat mushrooms? Do you eat packaged foods? YES YES YES YES YES! All my favourite foods! I live off avocado! I eat it at least 3 times a day! My favourite vege is broccoli and I eat tomatoes all the time in my salads and packaged foods - who doesn't?? GET RID OF THEM - was all that Kellie said! oh crap!!! here I was thinking I was being totally awesome and healthy eating my avocado on crackers and salads for dinner but nooooo! the preservatives in packaged foods (600) and the natural ingrediants in the fresh fruit and veg are actually massive brain stimulants! Awesome for everyone else! Bad for me who cant fall asleep because of my brain activity! Kellie said that the chemicals in these foods are reacting negatively with my brain therefor over stimulating it which is resulting in me not sleeping! Well! That kinda makes sense! Not only is she relieving tension in my shoulders she is the first person to give me some HELPFUL advise! Miracle worker!!! I left the chiropractor feeling extremely happy!!! yet totally confused! who would have thought that all these healthy foods were bad for me and by simply taking them out I could actually SLEEP! 

So as of tomorrow its all going! Kellie is emailing me a list of all the 'bad' foods that I can't eat and all the details on '600' It's very similar to a diet they recommend for children with attention deficit disorder! Which when reading through totally makes sense! Fingers and toes and legs and arms crossed that this diet sorts something out and actually works! 

I drove home feeling confident and happy! Yes my ankle isn't better just yet but Ive found an amazing doctor who is going to help me through this challenge and yes I am still not sleeping at night but I have a plan of attack with an amazing chiropractor who is goign to help me through that challenge! Ive hit a bump in the road but thankfully I have the strength and support to push myself straight over to the other side! 

And look at the sunset that greeted me when I got home! What a way to finish a BIG day! Lots to think about, lots to process and lots to plan - but for 10 minutes I just sat and watched this gorgeous sight and was so thankful for the beauty in our world! 

x S.K.K x

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