Sunday, June 5, 2011

Catch up with our new addition!

Hello to all! Here I am, finally able to sit down and update you all on whats been going on in my crazy beautiful life!!!! Go Go Go...that's what it has been like for the past few weeks! Work has been off the charts with HUGE hours being put in! I've had sick kids with one being in hospital so very stressful for the family and myself as I was in amongst it all trying to keep the older two calm and happy while the parents were in with the baby boy! They were very scared for their baby brother! He was fine, but they just worried! As you would being 8 and sensitive with your baby brother in hospital! All is settling in now with work and HOPEFULLY back to normal! I was glad that I could be there for them and I could help them through it all! Another experience that we have conquered together as a team! The kids and I - we are a pretty awesome team!

My ankle is...well....almost better...

After a lot of bruising and beautiful shades of purples and greens my ankle is finally back to normal! I am still not back on the court! Even though I am desperate to be! I know that I really need my ankle to be 100% perfect before I play again! I just can't take the risk of hurting it again! So I'm being a good girl and wearing my brace every day and doing strengthening exercises each night! I few more weeks and I will be back out there!!!

And our last big news which has been taking up all of my little spare time is our brand new baby! I swear between nannying and these birds I am set for motherhood hahah These little beauties were hatched on Easter Sunday and we got them 3 weeks later! We only bought 1 but the breeder asked if we could look after 2 for 2 weeks! How could we say no! So for the past 3 weeks we have been hand feeding our latest additions to the 'zoo' They came to us with half opened eyes and no feathers! Fragile babies desperate for a 'mummy' to take them in and care for them like her own! I'm that mummy! Ive been up every 3 hours feeding them and burping them - yes that's right...burping them...can you believe it! The things we do! I've formed a bond with our little bird and I LOVE watching the change and growth in this gorgeous little creature!

As the birds came to us with no feathers we didn't know whether we had a girl or a boy! We just had to wait! Wait until the little feathers peaked through and the colour revealed itself! Red for girl or green for boy! 

There she is! A beautiful HEN! Little red feathers showing through at 29 days old! 
Our 'RUBY'

What a poser! - 29 days old!
 Snug as a bug - 32 days old!

 Beautiful feathers coming through - 35 days old

 Look at those colours! 

 Strengthening her claws and sitting on perch - 38 days old!

 Gorgeous! 39 days old! 

Weighing in at 380 grams - 40 days old! 

 First taste of fruit mixed in with her formula - 41 days old!

As you can see I'm a very excited bird mumma! All my spare time and attention is being put in to our new addition but I make sure that I also pay attention to my other loves - our 14 other pets - oh dear and my husband! Life is crazy - but beautiful!

x S.K.K x

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Claire Chadwick @ Scissors Paper Rock said...

Great to see a blog update! And I know what you mean about life being so hectic lately, I swear the days are just getting shorter & faster :) Ruby is sooo cute! Look after that ankle...ouch!