Monday, June 6, 2011

Things that made me Smile!

Things that made me smile today!

Being at the park with Mr 3 and seeing a little boy and his grandma on the swing! She was on the 'older' end of the scale as far as grandmas go but she was there swinging high laughing historically with her grandson! She was saying "I can go higher than you!!!" It was so wonderful to see her embracing life and living life to the fullest with her grandson! I'm sure this morning will be something that they both will remember forever!

Another park moment that made me smile was seeing a mum be a horse with her daughter! Being a nanny I go to parks several times a week! A constant trend that I see is the children playing in the playground while the parents sit on the edges with their coffee on the phone or talking with the other mums! I know I can hear all the mums out there say yes but that's my time to sit, breath and relax for 5 minutes! I totally understand this but it was refreshing seeing a mum getting up and playing with her child! I'm constantly the lost fairy finding my secret garden or spidermans best friend trying to save the world or a fire fighters side kick rescuing a lost kitten up the tree! It's so much fun! I hope all the mums get out there once in a while and play with their kids! It's fun being a kid!!

Mr 6 has always opened up the door for me and says 'ladies first'. Super cute but it's something I've always taught him to do! A bit if chivalry never goes un noticed these days and hopefully when he is 16 it will help him impress that special girl! Mr 3 has now started saying and doing this now but instead of 'ladies first' he says 'nannies first' haha Bless his heart!

My gorgeous friend Jess got amazing news and was offered a job with her previous employer! I know how much she wanted this and how desperate she was to leave her job she is in now so I was so happy when I got the message! I am so proud of her and life is taking a big step in the right direction for her! 

Every day Mr 3 says 'I love you Sarah I love this day' I think this will stick with me forever! Whenever my day gets me down I will always remember his gorgeous smile and his big curly locks and this saying! What a great way to be thankful each day!

When I got home my beautiful dog 'Bindi' was asleep in the back of Rob's Ute! All curled up around his work jacket! What a wonderful way to finish the day and to make me smile!

What made you smile today?

x S.K.K x

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