Friday, October 7, 2011

Ruby Update

Well that last post was a bit depressing so I need something to make me smile! I think its time for an update on our gorgeous Ruby! The last time I wrote about her HERE she was only a baby. She was 43 days old and was still growing her feathers, I was hand feeding her 3 times a day and she was still in her 'brooder'.

Ruby 43 days old
Well here is she today at 5 months old!

 She has found her place in our family of animals and has stolen our hearts. She is eating successfully on her own and loves and I mean LOVES a good chat! She can already say hello and hi and she meows and laughs. and last night the most amazing thing happened. I was playing with her and went into the kitchen to get her a treat and she yelled "sarah" it was clear as day and I nearly fell over! She doesn't say anything on command yet but chats away in her own time. She is always having a good laugh! A big hearty HA HA HA - wonder where she gets that from! Here are some photos of growing up over the past couple of months. She goes everywhere with us! I love taking her on little trips. We have even been to the beach!


 x S.K.K x

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Bella_K said...

What a beautiful bird!!