Monday, October 17, 2011

Week-a-Boo *Celebrations and Alone Time*

How could you not love the weekend when it starts off like this! Magic!

I got home Friday night from work and had 2 special visits from our dear friends! Life gets very busy and unfortunately that means that visits and catch ups become less frequent with some people! Although I love when you haven't seen someone in months and you get together for a quick Friday night catch up and it was like no time had passed! I like those moments.

Saturday morning I woke up at 7am! I love a good sleep in! Mostly because I don't sleep much at night therefore, once I'm asleep, I take advantage of being asleep. So weekends are alarm free and I mostly sleep the mornings away! Not this Saturday! I was excited! My best friend had just moved into her brand new house and I was going to visit her! Her gorgeous new house and her gorgeous baby bump! She is due in 3 -4 weeks!!! Um can somebody say AMAZING! This house is just a dream, her dream, and the happiness I felt when I entered just warmed my heart! Michelle and her husband have waited and waited for this house for so long and have worked their butts off to get there and finally it has all paid off and they are living their dream! There is something so beautiful and peaceful about a brand new home! And just in time to welcome their little miracle!

After my visit I had booked in with the beautiful Leanne from Lea-Beauty Pamper Room - I don't want to go into too much of what happened here, but in short I got very lost and very sick so I missed my appointment! Along with the sickness I felt very guilty as I had asked Leanne especially to fit me in! I'm so sorry for missing it! If you ever need ANY beauty treatments and are around the gold coast area Leanne is your girl! She has amazing products and is very talented!!! Head on over to her facebook page and check her out!

Saturday afternoon brought another storm! Our 'summer storms' have come along a bit early this year and each weekend has been going off with a bang! Literally!

I've mentioned before that I love Scissors Paper Rock's prints and this one is no exception! It has it's special place in our kitchen and reminds me every day to live life to fullest and even though things get a bit 'stormy' at times I should always find the silver lining! Well Saturday I took this quote literally and I danced in the rain! This storm was so beautiful! I just could not sit inside and let it pass I had to go out and experience it! It was truly amazing! I just stood in the middle of my street and felt and experienced all the changes! The view was spectacular!!! After a horrible experience at lunch this really blew out the negativity around me and put a spring back in my step!

The storm left as quickly as it came and we were into the car and off to our next 'event' Bowling for our good friends 30th birthday! How much fun is bowling! No matter what your age, it is always fun! Rob and I arrived late becasue of the storm so we got a lane to ourselves! man Vs wife! It was on! Ok so I lost both times but hey it was my first time bowling without bumpers so I think I did a pretty good job! I was actually beating Rob in our 2nd game till about the 7th round...damit! After bowling we headed out to a Mediterranean restaurant for dinner! It was deliciousness! I had a lamb and beef-curry-pot-sorta-thingy. What ever it was it was YUM! oh and I fell in love with their hummus dip! real proper hummus store bought stuff!

 ~ Got to love party bags at a 30th! Massive hit! ~

Sunday morning I was up early again! WHAT THE! I have no idea what is going on there! I decided to embrace it and get up a do a yoga session! I am totally digging yoga at the moment! I'm loving it purely for the stretching at the moment. I'm only doing it at home from an iphone app - gotta love iphones- so I haven't been able to experience the meditation/energy side yet but the stretching is totally amazing and I am loving it! I cant wait to actually find the time to go to a proper class and be taught by an instructor! But for the moment my app is doing me just fine!

I spent the rest of the morning in the pool with the animals and then watching a movie hahah I think I've mentioned before that I spend a lot of time alone with my animals! Rob was out again but thankfully not working! He was out with the boys 4wding! He loves it! It makes him happy therefore I am happy!

When Rob came home we went to our neighbours for a BBQ and to watch the footy! A nice relaxing afternoon with great friends! Perfect end to a perfect weekend! 

Have a beautiful week everyone!
x S.K.K x


AUS GIRL said...

Love the pics Sarah, you have such a raw way of capturing lifes moments :) As for the yoga, take an extra minute or 2 with each pose and just breath. It will bring you to your own centre and give you the meditation aspect you are looking for :) luv ya girl xoxo

Claire Chadwick @ Scissors Paper Rock said...

Ooooh lovely post Sarah!
I love that first piccie!!!
And how crazy was that storm that came over Saturday arvo!
hehehe....I love that there were party bags @ a 30th....and pirate ones too....very cool :))))
Have a great week!
C xo
P.S. Thanks for sharing the pic of the mini print! I love seeing how people use my designs xo

Bella_K said...

What cool storm photos. We only got a few bits of storms; early in the mornings... The birthday party looked fun!! :) I love bowling!!

My Beautiful World said...

So glad you had a lovely weekend my friend, great photos of the storm we only got the back end of it so not to much noise up this way. I remember bowling it was such a laugh and don't worry I use to come last too!!

Hope you have a lovely day

Always Wendy