Sunday, October 9, 2011

Week-a-Boo *Storms and Sunny Days*

I haven't done a week-a-boo in so long! I guess weekends get so busy and the weeks are even busier that by the time I sit down to think about writing about my weekend then next has rolled along. Even though Claire from Scissors Paper Rock doesn't get to week-a-boo much these days either...I'm sure for the very same all must go and read her blog. Her writing is so beautiful and real.

This weekend started off with a bang! literally...a massive bang! We woke up to a very big and loud storm. Boom!!! The first thunder that woke me was at 7.00am and I shot straight out of bed and raced into Ruby! We are pretty lucky with all of our animals. They are storm lovers like their mummy and daddy. Our beautiful Bindi LIVES for the rain. The minute it hits shes out there chasing it and jumping at the rain drops. Shes a special kind of something ;) haha anyway this storm was Ruby's first so I was worried about her. But as I got to her cage she was sound asleep in her bed! Bless! the storm didn't even faze her! We brought all the animals inside however and had a Saturday morning storm party in the back room! 2 dogs 2 birds and a cat just chilling and hanging out while listening to the booms and the clashes. Miss Ruby was delighted with the storm. She was laughing the entire time and singing and chatting away!

 Poor Bindi! Robs mission is for 'everyone to live in harmony' 
hahah look at poor Bindis eyes! She so sad! Get this dam bird off my head hahah

While I was prepping for my tests and recovering, I did a lot of research on food and diet for eclectus parrots. I found a lot of native trees that are really good for them to nibble at and chew on! So Rob and I are going to start giving her a branch a week to play with and eat! Her first this week was a callistemon! 
She LOVED it!

After the storm had past and all the animals were back inside cages and outside, I went back to bed. Those silly tests really knocked me round and I was just so exhausted I slept the entire day! I woke up in the afternoon feeling a bit better but still a bit sore! hahah if that makes any sense??? Rob took me out to our local nursery to get me out of the house and to buy some new herbs for my new pots for the kitchen. We went with basil, chives, mint and rosemary. I think we will use these 4 in most of our cooking! We came home and potted them and I am so happy with the way they turned out! They look FABULOUS in the kitchen on the windows edge!

After potting our plants we went over to visit out next door neighbours and took Ruby with us! I love our neighbours. Beside, behind, diagonal. We are so lucky where we live and we have become very close friends with all of our neighbours. With my best friend down one end of the street and my cousin down the other I am in the most perfect position! We have created a little community and it makes me happy and feel safe. We just sat down and had a talk and a laugh. It was great to be out of bed and enjoy special peoples company.

Miss Ruby opening up a beer for daddy at our neighbours bar! CUTE! 

Sunday morning I was woken up to breakfast in bed. Rob had made me scrambled eggs using our fresh new herbs. It was deliscous and it was nice to be spoilt. Rob and I have been taking turns each Sunday morning to make breakfast for each other. It has become a little unspoken and unplanned tradition. Even though Rob is working most Sundays its our little time that we take just for us! 

This was a beautiful start to my day and as Rob went off to work I got myself up and decided to enjoy the beautiful weather instead of wasting it away in bed like I had the past couple of days. I spent the day cleaning and playing in the backyard with the animals. I do this a lot lately. It gets lonely with Rob working a lot but I am so grateful to have such beautiful animals that love me unconditionally and are so much fun. haha oh o I'm that crazy lady with all the animals. Oh well its true and I wouldn't change it for the world. Ruby went for her first surf in the pool! She also went for a dip! It was funny, she spread out her wings and just glided in the water on my hand. I didn't get her too wet as I'm not sure if the pool water would be good for her so I bathed her straight away just in case!

3.00 came and it was time to go to a special girls birthday party! My cousin (who is also one of my best friends and lives down the road) her daughter turned 5 today! I headed off for a family celebration with laughter, food and cake...there's always cake! mmmm! I had a fabulous afternoon! My family is so hilarious! there is so much laughter and joy that surrounds every get together that makes me so happy! We have fun together and that whats so important.

 Look at that sausage! Now that's a sausage!

The weekend came and went so quickly and before I knew it I was at family dinner at mum and dads house. I got these beautiful flowers from Rod and my favourite chocolate! What a beautiful sweetheart. He knew I was feeling a bit yukky after my tests so he bought me them to cheer me up! I cried! What beautiful gesture!

They fit perfectly in my new beautiful kitchen. O.k so its years old but its amazing what 4 new pots, 2 new chairs and a beautiful bunch of flowers can do!

Have a gorgeous, fun and safe week everyone!

x S.K.K x


Claire Chadwick @ Scissors Paper Rock said...

How crazy was that storm on Saturday morning??? Felt so freaky to wake up to black skies & thunder!!! Then we got bombed again in the evening with hail! Weird Spring weather hey?
Ruby is so gorgeous! I love watching her growth through your photos!
And how cool is that cake!!!!!!!! YUM!!!!!!!
Have a great week Sarah!
P.S. Kitchen is looking FAB!

My Beautiful World said...

Hello lovely new friend so happy you have joined my little sisterhood thank you for visiting me. Oh I'm in love again with your Ruby just gorgeous, have enjoyed looking around your past post and will visit often, hope you have a great Tuesday.

Always Wendy