Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Vets & Pizza Parties!

 Our weekend started off with our annual vet visit. The dogs go in once a year to get their yearly checkup and to get vaccinations and heart-worm shots. Our babies were pretty good this year! Well Bindi was loving it sick! She owned that vet table like it was the Olympic podium. She jumped straight up on it the minute we got into the consult room and sat there proudly! Getting her off was the real mission! Show off! Wonder who she gets that off ;-) Blaze on the other hand wasn't so silly and he knew that his butt and nose would be 'tampered' with and he WAS NOT having a bar of it! Ive never seen him so scared at the vet before! In lif,e generally, he is a bit of a scaredy cat and doesn't like storms etc but on this particular Saturday I had to hold him down with all my strength so the vet could quickly do her job! No liver treat was going to trick our boy!

 I love this photo SO much! It shows the true love and friendship between them! Melts my heart!

That Saturday night we had a PIZZA PARTY!

I am so lucky to live on the best street in the world! My cousin lives 5 houses down and I love being so close! It means we get to be apart of each others lives on a daily basis and we are always there living, loving and sharing our lives with each other. We have become so close in the past few years and I am so grateful and thankful to have such a supportive best friend in my life. Saturday night was one of those nights where we spontaneously had a pizza party. Ok so they were having pizza for dinner and we dropped in and one thing led to another and we planned a party! That's just how we roll!  


They own a pizza oven! OMG it is so amazing! Nothing and I mean NOTHING beats a wood fire pizza! 
To be able to make it yourself is just even better! 


 The table was set and we all made our own pizzas! C made all the Pizza Dough from scratch and it smelt amazing! Of course boring old Miss Coeliac over here had a gluten free base which proved very difficult to cook but we got there in the end! Next time we are buying GF flour and making our own!

My gorgeous cousins definitely enjoyed the night!

What's a pizza party without chocolate pizza? This was my first experience! Pizza, nutella and banana in the wood fire oven, topped with vanilla ice cream! Holy heaven on earth! AMAZE!!!!!

The kids watched a movie and then went to bed and the 4 adults stayed up for a few more hours just talking, laughing and running into glass doors!
 Again...that's how we roll! 

x S.K.K x


Victoria said...

I've always wanted a pizza oven would be amazingly good pizza to eat, im hungry now.

x S.K.K x said...

Oh V There is just something about a wood fire pizza that you just can't beat! They are amazing!