Sunday, October 28, 2012

I Heart My Body

The 25th of October was I Heart My Body day put forward by We Heart Life and celebrated by women everywhere. I get excited for I heart my body day. My twitter, instagram and blog roll is filled with inspirational women telling their story. Taking photos, sharing words and over coming fears. Women all around the world are standing up to pop culture and saying hey look at me...I am beautiful. If you ever have a bad day you need to go and read these beautiful women's stories. The inspiration you get from their stories will just warm your heart. Each year I get inspired, I get teary eyed and I get pumped. I am secretly fist pumping every women from behind my computer screen and cheering for them for just simply being themselves and being amazing. This year I joined in. I took 2 photos and 2 photos only. No make up, no cover, just me.

I don't, however, have a story. I'm not a mum. I haven't carried children in my body. I haven't overcome a huge obstacle in my life. I'm just me. 26 years old. Happy and healthy. I guess that's my story. I'm happy. I have no problem what so ever with my body. I've been very blessed and I have never had any body issues growing up. My body is not 'flawless', it is scarred and has been hit by the effects of puberty and growth but I still love it. My hips are covered in stretch marks from a crazy quick teenage growth spurt, I have a large scar on my stomach from where I had a tumor removed. My face is constantly breaking out, making me look like a pubescent teenager. These are my features. These are my 3 to choose, to highlight, to celebrate. They are who I am and they make my body mine. I'm my own perfect.

At times I do fall into the social trap of thinking it is unacceptable.That I should cover them up and pretend they aren't there. Why? If I feel comfortable in a bikini at home then why shouldn't I feel comfortable in a bikini in public! Its just a mark, its just a scar. It doesnt effect how I feel about you, how I will treat you or how I will act. If you look at my body and cringe and think 'I would never be seen in public showing those flaws' then I pray for you. I hope one day you learn to look beyond the markings on our bodies and look into the eyes of people and see them for who they are and not what they look like.

Stretch marks. scars, saggy skin, 'flabby' tummies. Embrace it, love it, enjoy it. I love feeling free and not worrying. Be confident in your own skin. It doesn't define you, so do not let it hold you back. If you love yourself and are at peace within yourself this will shine and radiate through your eyes and I promise, I absolutely promise, that this is what everyone will see...not the stretch marks or scars.

Today is not I Heart My Body day but I delayed my blog for a purpose. Shouldn't every day be "I heart my body day"? Go on...look at yourself in the mirror and be proud. You don't have to post it on social media but do it for yourself.

Look at your body. Love your body.
After all, it is the case that holds together your beautiful heart and your precious soul. 
Be proud.
I am.

x S.K.K x


Me said...

YOur words are so true and yet I am still battling to heart my body. I didn't contribute to this post but I was amazed by the ladies who did. It was great to see how positive they were and, while i am not there, I am certainly working on it !!
Have the best week ever !

Bella_K said...

You are inspiring. x

Trae Flett said...

So so true. Happiness is sexy.

Carly ~ Creator of We Heart Life said...

Gorgeous. Thank you for linking up! A great post!


Bree @ Twinkle in the Eye said...

You are right - you are perfect!