Friday, January 25, 2013

Pain, Jojoba and Doggy Cuddles

It is finally Friday! Oh my goodness this has been a hard week! My back pain has increased by 100000% and I am at the point where I can not walk or bend without feeling physically sick with pain. This is very hard when looking after 4 toddlers each day but I'm pushing though the pain for the sake of the kids. They haven't known any different and I have still played and danced and had so much fun with them all. Although I put my pain on hold for the sake of the kids I can not WAIT until 5.20 this afternoon when I can see a doctor and start getting some answers as to what I have actually done. Eeek I'm scared. Please be nothing!

Last night the pain was so excruciating I couldn't even sit down so I ran myself a very hot bath and just laid in there for about an hour. Oh man I was pain free for that whole hour and it was bliss. I added Jojoba oil to the bath and I came out silky and smooth. This is going on my calendar. Must have jojoba oil bath at least once a week. Heaven! 

Our dogs have slept in our bed every night this week! Are we suckers or what? When I come to bed after a long hard day I can't help but smile and my heart absolute bursts with love. Aren't they just the cutest of cute! Mans best friend. 

I went for a little walk onto our street yesterday just to stretch out my back. A light sprinkling of rain was falling and it was absolutely gorgeous. When I looked back at our house our gorgeous frangipani took my breath away. The colors are so vibrant and stunning. It is my grandmas favourite  tree. Now I know why. D.I.V.I.N.E! 

We have a big weekend coming up and it is absolutely POURING! 
Months of dry 40 degree celsius weather and it pour on the long weekend!
 Let's cross our fingers and toes that it magically disappears! Yeah right!

And just because it's Friday I thought I would celebrate with a little car party! 

Have a beautiful weekend! 

Love, Peace and Hope
x S.K.K x


Melissa Mitchell said...

Tell me that song doesn't really have Justin Bieber in it? I LOVE that song. Please say it aint so! Your video is fun. :) My son is loving watching it right now. (He's changed the words to "Call me Sammy" and It's taking me 5 minutes to leave this comment because he wants to keep scrolling up to "The girls singing".

x S.K.K x said...

Aw that is so super cute that your son is loving it haha it's made my day!

Haha no it doesn't have Justin in it but all those stars made a film clip for Carly Rae Jepson to get her song 'out there' Justin 'discovered' her haha

Have a beautiful weekend!

Joyce Lansky said...

I've been through the back pain and surgery too. Does your leg hurt? If not, things aren't too bad yet. They always told me to rest, but I did better by walking. Although it may sound nuts, I totally believe in my copper and magnetic bracelet. I had a disk that was giving me grief after running a half marathon. Someone told me to try one of these bracelets, so I did. A week later, the pain was gone and I didn't have a second surgery. I have not taken off my Sergio Lube bracelet since December, 2006. Even though my doctor said that it was my body's natural healing, I'm still crediting this pretty little bracelet. Good luck.

x S.K.K x said...

Oh Joyce thank you very very much! I will absolutely look into those bracelets! My husband wore one for a year after his car accident and swore by it! I'll have to get my own ASAP! Thank you for reminding me about it! No my pain isn't in my leg! My dad just had back surgery so he asked me the same thing. At the moment it is lower spine and my left bottom cheek! Hopefully it's just a strained muscles and lots of rest, stretching and hot baths cure it! :-) fingers crossed!

Rhianna SG said...

I hope that you get some answers and especially some relief for you back. Isn't it amazing how as mums we can push through pain barriers and the like in the name of looking after the kids. Fairy wishes and butterfly kisses lovely

x S.K.K x said...

Thank You so much for your beautiful wishes! I'm only a "day care mum" and not a parent but still the children are my number one. Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

Bree @ Twinkle in the Eye said...

That's a bugger that you're in such pain. Keep up the hot baths.

Grace said...

We never realise how important our health is until something's wrong with it! Hope you figure out what's causing the back pain! In the meantime, enjoy those nice long soaks!