Saturday, January 19, 2013

The Holidays

Rob and I both had 2 weeks off from our day jobs for Christmas this year. After the crazy adventure of Bribie Island, Christmas and New Years we decided to spend the remaining of our days at home. 

Rob went fishing...a lot...and one day he caught a massive fresh tuna!
We cut that baby up and enjoyed it seared, raw and in sushi. 
My new favourite!

We spent nights with friends and Rob may or may not have taken on a possum. He wanted to be friends...the possum thought different. 

I worked my butt off and finally finished our office. Well half of it. The other half needs to be cleared out for my bookcase but am happy I finally have a desk! 

My Daddy took me out for breakfast. We went to our local nursery and they provide a complete dairy and gluten free menu! Snaps for Nelsons Nursery!

I baked. stop laughing. I got to use my b.e.a.utiful new cake stand. 
I'm completely in love. 

 We went and visited Robs parents and I picked up my new car!!! wooohooo

 He picked me a rose x

 I recreated my Kindy photo! Randomly. Just because it was funny.


 We spent the rest of our days swimming, sleeping and watching tv and movies with our babies. Aren't they just gorgeous sleeping together? Precious.

 Relaxing, Peaceful and Productive.
That sums up our holidays this year.

Love, Peace and Hope
x S.K.K x


bonbon said...

Oh my gosh where do you two live? It looks amazing and so warm! I'm going to have to relocate- my holidays were so very cold! Just found your blog and have enjoyed getting to know you better. Hope you don't mind if I follow along!

new follower :)

Belinda said...

Your break sounds lovely, your study looks awesome! Mine is a disaster zone at the moment!!!

HAHA, I seriously LOL'd about Rob trying to be friends with the possum haha!

Evelyn said...

I have always loved Homecations:) Yes, just to be at home is awesome. Thanks for sharing your fun times:) The pic of you and your little self was awesome. Too cool!
Just dropping in from the hop to meet you and follow:)
(following via GFC)

PS If you get a chance drop by and join Let's Get Social Sunday and link up your blog and all your social sites to meet new friends and gain more followers:) Live right now!

x S.K.K x said...

Hello! We live in Queensland Australia!
Where are you from? We are very lucky, the weather here is perfect!
Thank You so much for following and sharing my journey! I love finding new friends on here!

x S.K.K x said...

Haha oh my goodness it's still a mess but I'm just so excited to have a desk and not on that side table hahaha

Hahah oh that's my Rob haha

x S.K.K x said...

Thank You so much for dropping by!
Can't wait to read your blog! :-)