Monday, June 28, 2010

Being Vanilla

Recently a friend of mine described me as being "Vanilla" Totally puzzled and having no idea what this meant I pushed for more information, her answer was short and sweet - Vanilla is plain and boring. Bit of a kick in the gut and a blow to my ego! This was many months ago yet it always seems to play at the back of my mind! I know she probably didn't mean any harm but isn't it funny how harmless words can sometimes dig their way in and make you question!

After a bit of 'Image Searching' and I guess 'Soul Searching' I came across a few images of 




When I think of vanilla, I think of hot summer days eating vanilla ice cream on the beach. I think of beautiful vanilla bath creams that makes my skin feel wonderful. I think of the sweet smell of the vanilla candle in our lounge room. I think of birthday parties with yummy vanilla cupcakes

You know what...I think I like being  


Claire Chadwick @ Scissors Paper Rock said...

Great post!
Being VANILLA is just fine I think....vanilla flavours in foods & scents are probably the most well-known and most popular chosen!! Yumm....i think of vanilla tea {my new favourite} and it's far from boring lol.
In my previous life {before being a mummy lol} I designed & made jewellery to sell at the markets and I made a range called "Vanilla Bean" and it was rich in creams, browns and tribal can't describe that as plain :)
So...enjoy being Vanilla...i think it's a lovely flavour to be :)

Anonymous said...

I am soooo glad you did some research because you definitely found the true meaning of vanilla as a result. As is evident in your findings and the other comment made on this blog, I think vanilla is exactly what you are!!!! When I think of vanilla I think of a homely, sweet, welcoming fragrance that makes you feel relaxed and I think of things that are pure and natural. :-) and there is one thing for are far from plain and anything but boring!!!!

Your brown peanut M&M xx

Hayley said...

Vanilla would be how I would be described and after looking at these images you have made me realize that being vanilla is pretty sweet! xx

Anonymous said...

Hehe I love it! I think I'm vanilla too but I too like that!!!
I told my kids last night when I was a child I thought vanilla flavor icecream meant NO flavor- nothing.. But now I am older I realise how cute and silly that was and how I love vanilla! It's simple, understated and goes with everything!!!