Thursday, April 7, 2011

A New Outlook

My day started off beautifully today. I had 2 very dear friends come over with their babies. One is 2 weeks and one is 19months. We had a beautiful morning chatting and with lots of cuddles. The sun was shinning, there was a cool change in the air it was just a gorgeous morning. I laughed and smiled and ooohed and arrred. I felt happy, I felt content. After they left I did a quick long session in the blogging world and then headed off for my appointment in the city. I got there a little early so decided to have a walk around when I tripped and dropped my xrays and bag all over the road and skinned my toe. With blood everywhere I desperately tried to scoop everything up and get off the road before getting run over...and one helped me...why is it that I constantly have a bag FULL of wipes, band aids and creams for the kids...I am the Mary Poppins of the nanny world and my carpet bag has everything a child will want or ever need but today I emptied it all out so it wouldn't be heavy for me and of course it was the day I needed it. So I hid away in a sushi train and drowned my sorrows in glorious raw salmon and teriyaki heaven! (p.s say teriyaki 10 weird is that word???) Anyway I was instantly in a bad mood. I was feeling very sorry for myself. My toe was absolutly killing me, almost to the point of tears. Actually scratch that, I admit I did shed a few as I hid away in my little corner. I knew that everyone I knew was busy so I took my anger and hurt out on my dear little friend facebook. I'm a keen facebooker and I try to keep it positive and beautiful. Positive thoughts lead to a positive life. But today after humiliating myself and not getting any help and hurting my big toe I needed a big fat facebook status update cry! It actually did make me feel a lot better and I limped away to my doctors appointment. Which by the way was the most horrific experience I've had in my life. I will give you 3 words - pants down...finger - I don't think I need to say more. My toe was throbbing, I was upset, Id left my referral at home (good one Sarah!) and the last thing I felt like and was TOTALLY not prepared for was becoming close with my doctor. Lets just say I came home feeling terrible, embarrassed and more ways than one. 

The tip of my toe is gone - i tried to save it and hope it will heal and all stay in one piece hahah yeah right!

So I had a bad afternoon.

But you know big deal! I watched an ep of Oprah tonight and wow did I feel like the worst person in the whole entire world becasue I had let a little scratch on my toe and an uncomfortable doctors appointment ruin my entire day. On Oprah there was a couple who were foster parents to 9...NINE...special needs children and one night 8 men raided their home and shot them in the head and chest and left them to die on the floor. A women was in a plane crash and recieved burns to 80% of her body and can't even cuddle her own children after their bath yet still went on oprah with a smile on her face and showed her passion and love for life. Every day she lives with pain...pain I could never even imagine living through and she does this every day while being a mum to 4 beautiful children. And here I am complaining about a sore toe! How terrible. Yes I kicked my toe but I am thankful that I have the awareness and nerves left in my toe to feel the pain and I can still walk and have the simple pleasure of putting on a bandaid to protect it from germs which half of our world can not do! Yes I had an uncomfortable session with my doctor but I am thankful that I have the absolute amazing privilege of going to see a specialist in a private hospital where they can take care of me and help me with ANY problem I have. Some children or adults can't even afford or have the opportunity to see a doctor or nurse for their severe illnesses. I have ALOT to be grateful for and I feel very guilty for complaining about my amazing and lucky day I had today.

My post should of read this...

I had such an amazing day today which started of with a beautiful morning tea with beautiful friends. I have been having pains and discomforts after my surgery so I was so lucky to be able to have a day off work to go in and see a very well trained and experienced surgeon in a gorgeous clean room with fresh water and books to read while I wait. The doctor had to examine me but I had a clean bed to lay on with fresh clean sheets and the doctor had clean gloves and reassured me and looked after me the whole time. I was in a sterile room and treated with the most respect. The surgeon told me that he will do everything in his power to get me better and I can come back to see him at any time. On the way up I kicked my toe which hurt a lot but I am so thankful that I can walk and tripping and kicking my toe reminds me of how lucky I am and how special it is to be able to use my legs and feel all of the sensations in them. The sun was shinning and I got to eat beautifully prepared sushi that was served to me on fresh clean plates while I ate in a resturant. 

I am so lucky to be alive and live where I live and have the opportunities I have. What a gorgeous life I lead! Lets hope all of the creams and bandaids that I am lucky enough to have in my cupboard heal my toe over the next couple of days. Next time I will take it a little bit easier and not be in such a hurry. Life is to beautiful to rush! 

I am off to spend a glorious 4 days with my husband at a secluded cottage. Not a lot of people would ever get the opportunity to do this so I will take in every single minute and appreciate how lucky I am to have such a special man in my life and to have the wonderful opportunities we have. Have a gorgeous weekend everyone! Remember life can change in an instant - so appreciate, live and love every single minute! 

x S.K.K x

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Hayley said...

Ouch! I would of been crying to...that looks painful. I love how you can turn things in to positves. Hope you guys have an amazing time away...I am so super jealous! :)
Have you ever been to Thunderbirds adventure park at mount..tamborine??