Friday, April 29, 2011

A Real Princess

As you all know I'm a sucker for things magical and beautiful. What could be more magical and beautiful than the Royal Wedding! Mixed feelings all around over this either love it or hate it! I'm a lover! I have to confess! I didn't really get 'into' the wedding fever until my baby cousin (age 4) Ava said to her mum....'mummy is she a REAL princess?? to which her mum replied to her yes. Ava got so excited "oh my gosh mummy a real princess is getting married!!!! I had never thought of it like that! A real princess is getting married! So in honor of this 'real princess' getting married tonight we are having a...
Princess Party

My mum and 2 cousins are coming over and of course Miss Ava and we are watching the Royal Wedding together! Ava is dressing up as a bride and we are wearing tiaras! We are having mini quiches and cupcakes and lots party food! What a brilliant excuse for a special little party! The bottom line is 2 people are exchanging vows and committing to a life together. To experience every moment, every emotion, every journey together. As a 'newly' wed myself the memories are still very fresh and real in my mind from my own wedding so I have the excitement and butterflies in my stomach. Imagine how they would be feeling! It is oh so very exciting! 

~ Happy Wedding Day to Will and Kate - Prince and Princess of Whales ~

x S.K.K x

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