Thursday, April 21, 2011

Passion, Courage, Forgiveness

Passion, Courage, Forgiveness

In the month of April, all things seem possible - even forgiveness. With the courage to forgive, we can rediscover our passion. As you work through your feelings in a caring and constructive manner, as you learn to release yourself from negativity, you will feel a resurgence of positive emotions. These emotions reignite the passion that lovers share for each other. 

When you hold onto your anger and resentment, it is you who misses out on love. Find the courage to release your negative feelings, and you'll discover that genuine state of love and forgiveness that is so essential to creating a lifetime of love. It takes courage to love, but it is worth it. The greatest tragedy in life is not the loss of love but those who not open their hearts to love again. 

Even though this book is about 'enriching your relationship' I kind of read the book and relate it to all of my relationships in my life. Not only my marriage with Rob but with my friends, work and family. I'm a very big believer in forgiveness. Even though I would LOVE to hold grudges I just can not bring myself to. Life is too short to not forgive. I never want to live with regret. People make decisions in their lives that sometimes are not the best. Some may call them mistakes. I call them life lessons. It's only a mistake if you do not learn from it. We all stuff up at times but you never know what tomorrow will bring. So I am very big on forgiveness. This has challenged me this month as a dear friend has hurt me tremendously and let me down which has left me feeling very hurt and confused. However I know, I hope, that she has good reasons for this. She is going through a big change and weather she is doing it on purpose or pushing me away so it's easier on her, either way, at the end of the day, I will always be there! Even though I'm getting hurt, I'm her friend and I will be there. This is hard and as I write this Im screaming at myself...get angry, how dare she...but ultimately that's not who I am. I believe in the good in people. My mum has always taught me this. Even though it's been tough...I forgive.

Is there someone you need to forgive today? 
Let go of those negative feelings!

x S.K.K x

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Posie Patchwork said...

What a super sweet blog you have. I'm visiting your city right now, thank goodness for the gorgeous weather, with a bunch of children at my husband's bachelor pad, ahhhh, swimming solves everything. Love Posie