Thursday, April 28, 2011

1st Wedding Anniversary

Well a beautiful year has past! I can not believe it! It feels like yesterday yet it also feels like a lifetime ago! Is that possible? What a year we have had! We've had the downs of Robs car accident and loosing his job but we have had so many beautiful and memorable ups that these 'hurdles' seems so tiny in our journey. We have worked, we have played, we have traveled, we have laughed, we have cried and we have shared and created some amazing memories.
Happy 1 Year Wedding Anniversary babe! 
I love you
Always have ~ Always will

We were lucky enough to score a few days off work so we took ourselves off to Springbrook Mountain for a 4 day romantic holiday. We stayed at a gorgeous cottage which was just divine. We spent our days exploring the mountain and all the amazing scenery and spent the night by the fire watching movies and eating fudge! A perfect getaway and Rob even slept in until 9.00 in the morning!!!! which was amazing! I kept putting my ear to his face to see if he was breathing hahah It was a well deserved break and we got some special 'us' time!

~ yep that's right - our own private spa pool! ~

~ The most gorgeous place I have been to! Was truly spectacular! ~

~ On our last night we shouted ourselves to a dinner out! We went to Springbrook Manor and ate a 3 course meal! It was so yummy! Just beautiful prepared food which was reasonably priced! ~

~ Our gorgeous little cottage surrounded by rainforest! ~

On Easter Sunday we got to celebrate our anniversary with our family. My mum had got a cake made for us and made a cute little sign. This meant so much to me! It was lovely being able to share this milestone with all the people that have been there for us over the year loving us and supporting us.

On our actually Anniversary night ~ 25th of April ~ we went out to Georges Paragon for dinner! This is a Greek Seafood restaurant and we were recommended by a few friends and family! Boy oh boy did it deliver!

 For entree we got a dozen oysters and a cold platter. I took one oyster and fell in love...went back to get another one and there waiting for me was a special little surprise! A gorgeous ring! What a smooth move by my Rob!

 ~ A gorgeous Peridot and Diamond ring - The Peridot stone is the gemstone that represents the first year wedding anniversary ~

~ We had kept the top later of our wedding cake so when we got home from dinner we took it out and cut it and shared the memories of our day ~

We had lot's of celebrations for our 1st year anniversary but I am so glad we made the most of it!
I will never forget it!
x S.K.K x

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