Sunday, November 27, 2011

O Christmas Tree

O Christmas Tree O Christmas Tree how lovely are your branches!

Yes Yes I know it isn't the 1st of December but about 2 weeks ago I was sitting in our lounge room and had a thought. They say it is bad luck to put the Christmas Tree up before December 1st. What is bad luck? Have you ever had bad luck because of it? I do believe in Karma but because of putting a Christmas tree up early? Really?  I don't think so! I respect if it is 'traditional' for you but I wont fall into the 'bad luck' wagon. I love Christmas! It's so magical! Yes MAGICAL! That is the one word I would use to describe this holiday. I love christmas lights, I love tinsel, I love special nativity scenes, I love candy canes, I love Santa, I love being surrounded by family, I love Christmas smiles, I love Santa letters, I love angels, I love baked ham, I love bon bons, I love prawns and I love Christmas Trees! Everything about Christmas is magical! Why wait until December to start experiencing, celebrating and enjoying this special time! So I decorated our house! 2 weeks ago at the start of November I decorated our house! Why only limit Christmas to a couple of weeks. I wanted to have the spirit of Christmas fill our house and make me smile for as long as possible!

This Christmas is our 5th Christmas together and our trees 5th 'Christmas' anniversary! This is my first home! My first home away from my parents home. The minute I moved in with Rob I couldn't wait to share our first Christmas together! All I wanted for Christmas was a tree! Not any tree but the most beautiful lush tree I could find! Mum gave me this wish and took Rob and I shopping at Myer to buy our first tree. What a special moment for me! A moment I will remember forever. Buying our first Christmas tree in our first home! It has never changed over the years. Still exactly the same. Just filled with special ornaments that reflect Rob and I as individuals and a couple. I have angels and ballet dancers and rubber thongs and trains. I have decorations with our names from our best friends wedding. I have decorations that we have made as kids. I have a tiny little angel that was given to me by my teacher when I was in grade 1. 20 years old and she still holds a special spot on our tree! Each year we add a few more as our lives change. My dad makes me a Christmas decoration every year and puts the year on it! The first ornament has a tag on it saying "my first tree 2007" I will treasure these forever! 

Here she do not do it justice! 

I know its plain and simple but it is us and to me its simply perfect! 
It will grow as we grow! 

x S.K.K x

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