Friday, November 11, 2011

Positive Intent - 11.11.11

Today is a very special day! The date 11.11.11 is one of the most powerful shifts in human awareness that we will ever get to experience in our lifetime. It is a unique opportunity for all of us to release our karmic scripting. It is the day to forget the past and re-write our future. We can choose. We can decide. Today is the first day of the rest of our lives. 

Although every day I try to live my life with happiness and positive thinking I think it is always good to sit down and reassess your inner self. I'm in the process of creating a vision board however most of these things are materialistic. I think we need to look inside ourselves and look deep into our hearts and our souls and really connect with who we are. Today I ask all of you to take a minute at 11:11am and search your soul. Who are you? What are you doing? Why are you doing it? Are you being the real you or the you who you 'think' you should be? There should be no more pretending. 

Make a wish inside your heart and hold on to it forever. Today is the start. This is my positive intention...

"I will share with my family, my friends and my world, the love, passion and magic that is inside my heart. I will be silly, I will be positive, I will be fun, I will happy, I will shine! I WILL BE ME"

x S.K.K x


thehootingmind said...

well, i planned to get married on this day, whew! because of the uncontrolable things around me, so i have delayed my own wedding :)

nice to read your post, i feel the good vibes :)

Shoaib said...

Hi, I have just visited your site and the info you have covered has been of great interest to me.

My Beautiful World said...

Just beautiful my friend you inspire me to do the same. Have a wonderful day.

Always Wendy