Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Birthday Wish List

My last day of being 25!!! This is so weird for me! I absolutely 100% DO NOT feel 26! I still feel like a kid! I guess with my job I get to have fun all day every day so I get to live my dream and I never have to grow up! Yes I have all the responsibilities of being an adult but I still keep the fun and excitement in my life to the MAX! I love it!

On the 'eve' of my birthday I thought I would write a little birthday wish list!  Some are realistic...some are not! Here is what I am LOVING right now!

"A Gratitude Journal for 2012"

"The Fluro from The Cambridge Satchel Company"


"Pool Lounge Chair ~ For reading Dollhouse" 

"Scooter ~ I'm completely obsessed with them"

"Vanilla and Gardenia Glasshouse Candles" 

 "KitchenAid Raspberry Mixer"

"Chocolate - sweet delicious chocolate ~ If Only!!!"

TA-DA and that is all! haha just a few things that make me smile and I really wish I had! I'm not very materialistic but these things make me happy and hey a girl can dream and wish on her birthday!

Well Im signing of as a 25 year old girl and Ill see you all in the morning as a 26 year old women...

HAHAHAH KIDDING!!!! AS IF!!!! I'll be a girl at heart forever...especially with my pink satchel and pink scooter!!! Yeah Yeah!!

I have the kids staying with me for the week so they are sleeping soundly in the next room and I'm excited to wake up with them and get lots of birthday cuddles and celebrate an awesome day with lots of fun, happiness, cake (gluten and lactose free of course) and many special moments!

x S.K.K x


Bella_K said...

I hope you had the sweetest birthday ever!!

(PS I want a kitchen aid mix master as well!!)

Anonymous said...

I swear you can get the exact same satchel on, and on sale!!