Saturday, December 10, 2011

A REAL tree!

Today we started a tradition! A tradition that I hope will put smiles on our faces year after year. As a child growing up I watched movies and read books about Christmas and different traditions families have! I would dream about one day having my own family and starting and sharing special traditions with them. Today was a day that I will remember forever. Today in our 5th year as a couple, as a team, we started a tradition that will bring so much joy and happiness to us and our family. My Rob made an ultimate dream come true. We have our very own REAL Christmas Tree!

We (and by we I mean Rob) carried the tree, secured it to the ute and headed home. Once we got it home we (Rob) carried the tree to our backyard and found the perfect spot! We decided to dig it into the ground instead of putting it in a pot as it would be more secure in our 'Aussie summer storms" It was beautiful! I could not believe how cool it looked! Next we tied all of the pine cones we had collected to a piece of rope and spray painted them red gold and silver. Then we decorated! You could not wipe the smile off my face! It was amazing! I was so happy right in that moment decorating our real tree with pine cones as we watched the sun set. That was an amazing dream come true and a special moment that I will remember forever!

Our tree just has to last 3 weeks! We got a hot tip that if we water it every day with water and honey it should last! I hope it does :-) We are having Christmas at our house this year so I can not wait to be sitting here in our backyard with our family with our gorgeous tree as the main attraction! On Christmas I think we will decorate it a bit more with some candy canes and some tinsel but for now its just perfect. Perfect and natural! What a beauty!

Cant wait to see this yard filled with the laughter, joy and smiles of my family!

x S.K.K x

P.S I have been trying to post this blog for a week now but my pictures aren't working! As you can see above they are all sideways! I cant seem to fix this :( Sorry! I'm just mixing it up a bit - turn those heads readers :-)


Bella_K said...

LOVE it!!

PS; try photobucket, upload photos to there & then go to upload & go URL and copy & paste the direct link into the bar. Hope this helps!!

Claire Chadwick @ Scissors Paper Rock said...

Oooh I love your 'real' tree :) As a kid we always had a 'real' tree {and it wasn't always a pine either...sometimes Mum & Dad would mix it up & go something more Aussie Native like a mini gum... COOL!!}
These quirky little traditions is what will make your {and your future childrens} memories of this time of year so special!
{my neck is sore from the sideways glances LOL...just kiddin!!} xx