Friday, December 23, 2011

Farewell Friends

Today we say goodbye to very special friends! They embark on a journey that will change their life! They are packing up the boxes, throwing away the junk, packing up the car, saying goodbye to all family and friends and driving all the way to the middle of Northern Territory where they will live for three years. What a challenge but what a journey. This move will be such an adventure for both of them and I know that they will remember it forever! I wanted to let Jess know that we are always here for you...just an email or txt away! When Conrad is working it will be hard, we won't pretend, but you are strong and you are going to meet some amazing people who will grow to love you just as much as we do!

We wish you both the very best! Conrad...STAY SAFE!!! but have fun! We can't wait to see lots of pictures of your new town and your new home! Enjoy the heat, enjoy the peace, enjoy the serenity, enjoy the red, enjoy being together and creating an exciting life for you both that most of us would not have the guts, determination or courage to do! We are proud of you!

We cant wait to come and visit ;-)

x S.K.K x

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Maxabella said...

Such an exciting adventure for your friends! What an amazing opportunity. Best wishes for a safe and life-changing journey. x