Thursday, February 9, 2012


Today I feel a bit weak! My calf muscles are a bit tired and I feel a little burn in my knee. Then I smile!!! There is a very good reason I am feeling like this! Last night I conquered Week 4 Day 2 of the couch to 5K program! I tried week 4 last week and gave in! It was hard and I didn't have the stamina to keep up with the program! I could not last the running! For some reason I am determined to do this! Somewhere deep inside, I have found this super cool determination that I have never had before! My goal is to run 5K and although this may seem small to a lot of you, for me, in my little world, this is huge! I am so thankful for my determination! Even after being knocked down last week I got back up, put my shoes on, put a smile on my face and I tried again! And I DID IT! I absolutely did it without any giving up or cheating! I am so so so proud of myself! I have one more hurdle to get through this week - day 3 - then I have successfully finished and completed week 4! You know what that means? I AM HALF WAY! I am half way to my goal!!! Half way to running 5K!!! I promised myself at the start of the program that I would buy myself a present half way through! That little bit of extra motivation! I originally wanted a running jacket but now I have my eye on an iPod arm band! So Friday I will conquer Day 3 and then on the weekend I can get my reward!

I am so thankful for my determination! It makes me so happy! I love this new found passion for running!

x S.K.K x


Me said...

Thanks for the comment you left for me. WELL DONE on half way to C25km - that is excellent work. I was doing some running and then injured my knee before Christmas. Now I am doing rehabilitation with the view to running again either by the end of this month or next month.

I am doing the 1 million kilo challenge exercises as well as what I was doing anyway (2 x 30-40 min training sessions) plus walking the dogs so the calories should be burning off - I know I just need to hang in there if I can.

Maybe when the MKC is finished I will try the C25K and see how I go. Enjoy shopping for your reward on the weekend !

Have a great Thursday - love, hugs and positive energy.

SportyMummy said...

Hi! I really loved this post about taking up running. As I read it, I could just feel your determination and pride! Well done! It's such a great feeling to challenge yourself and win! (even the sore bits sort of feel good!!)

aroha @ Colours of Sunset said...

Oh I really need to take a page out of your book!! I've tried (and failed) on several occasions to make myself a runner. Once I almost succeeded even! Then I blew my ankle out! It's a long road back, when you're inherently NOT a runner. All that work undone! So do you have something coming up you're training for or just trying to get into running?

Happylan said...

Well done! Good on you for not giving up. And keep going!

lyndaal said...

Congratulations - what an awesome achievement! I struggle to run, so I am really inspired by you!!!

Kate said...

YEAH!! Well done!!

I am (re)starting the C25K next week and will be looking for encouragement... will pop back here to remind myself that I CAN DO IT TOO!


Marita said...

That is awesome! You are awesome. Well done.