Sunday, February 19, 2012

A Simple Sunset

Saturday afternoon I missed Rob. I just missed missed missed him! I spent 1 night with him during the week and I was just desperate to spend a couple of hours with him before he had to work again on Sunday! So he got home at 5 and by 5.10 we were in the car heading down to our local beach! Just us, our swimmers, and the open road. I wanted to see the sunset. We drove 40 minutes to simply walk along the beach and watch the sunset!

It was absolutely worth it! We got there just in time for the sun to start its slow journey to bed. The glowing orange shone so bright! The beams and rays shot across the sky like fluro red icicles. The sky tuned from pretty greys and blues, into rich oranges and finishing with pretty soft pinks, right before our eyes.

We walked hand in hand while Rob watched and observed all the fishermen and boats and I watched and observed (and took photos) of the beautiful sky above us. We were home by 8.00 but it was so perfect. It was just what we needed. We needed to break away from the house, from our jobs, from the animals and just take a mini time out and recharge our batteries.

This beautiful sunset was such a special and Simple Thing that made me feel happy and at peace!


x S.K.K x


Thea said...

What a gorgeous post, and an afternoon to treasure! I love the last photo of the two of you.

Ana Eugénio said...

looks so worthy :) I'm glad you drove to see the sunset at the beach. lovely pictures :)

p.s. I love your banner!

Desirae R said...

Beautiful post!

texas is for lovers said...

visiting from simple things
love the sun photos. great job. Your blog is darling as well!

Mommyof2girlz/StephD said...

Lovely post and really like the shot of the two of you with the sun flares and rays, beautiful!

Funmilayo said...

beautiful :)

Me said...

It's amazing how often it is doing something really simple with someone really special that makes a memorable moment !

Have a great day - love, hugs and positive energy.