Friday, February 3, 2012

GHP Week 4

Here are the 'little things' that made me smile this week. The very special moments that I was grateful for...

 Day 23 - Happiness is Rob pushing me in my running! All I wanted to do what watch TV but he pushed me and came with me! Grateful for his support!

Day 24 - Happiness is reaching 50 likers on my blog! I am grateful for each and every one of you!

Day 25 - Happiness is slushing through the puddles! Grateful for my jellies that won't get wrecked in the rain!

Day 26 - Happiness is a road trip with my husband exploring our area and the rising water! Grateful we are safe and dry!

Day 27 - Happiness is running in the rain! Grateful for this new found dedication!

Day 28 - Happiness is fresh new looks!

 Day 29 - Happiness is family dinner outside! Grateful for a little break in the rain!


Head over to the beautiful 'Maxabella Loves' and share with everyone what made you smile!

Here is my Week 1&2 and Week 3

x S.K.K x


Bella_K said...

Glad you are still doing Project 366!!

Great photos!

Tat @ Mum in search said...

It's nice you managed to squeeze in a dinner outside with all that rain!

Maxabella said...

I love your new dress, SKK! What a beautiful photo of you and Rob.

It's funny that he's pushing you in your running by riding his bike along side you... very professional!


Seana Smith said...

Lovely photos and the blog is looking fab.