Friday, February 10, 2012

GHP Week 5

The 5th week of the year was a such a happy and special week for me! These are just 7 of the many 'special moments' that I was eternally grateful for...

Day 30 - Happiness is my mum and dads Anniversary! I'm so grateful for their love and support!

 Day 31 - Happiness is the simple please of drinking a cold drink on a hot day! Grateful for this gorgeous view!

 Day 32 - Happiness is spending a special day with the boy I nanny! Grateful for the many places and spaces we get to explore!

 Day 33 - Happiness is beautiful fresh perfect chili's from our veggie garden! So grateful (once again) for my husbands green thumb!

 Day 34 - Happiness is waking up next to this gorgeous face! So grateful for her precious little personality!

 Day 35 - Happiness is a VERY yummy meal shared with special people for a 60th birthday! I am so grateful for time spent with family!

 Day 36 - Happiness is laying in bed spending time, learning and talking with my grandma! I'm grateful for her...full stop!

What are you grateful for this week? Head over to "Maxabella Loves" and share with us all. 


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x S.K.K x


Tat @ Mum in search said...

I love your list. How nice would it be to have fresh chilies! I had a chili plant in a pot once, but it didn't last long...

Maxabella said...

The two photos of your mum and dad side by side are so special. Happy anniversary to them! x