Sunday, August 5, 2012

Suf, Sun, Sand and a SEAL

Yesterday I went to work with Rob 
This is where he works... 

Yes he works right on the beach. Which is exactly where I work every school holidays. One of the most magical beaches along our coast line! On this winter day in August my favourite beach put on a show! The water was glass and the sun was shining! I had nothing but my bikini and my pups and we were ready for a day of fun!

The dogs and I walked up and down the beach and in around the cove. We played and walked for 3 hours. It was so beautiful being out in the sun! I just wore my swimmers and LOVED the feeling of warmth on my skin! Its been too long! You couldn't get a more perfect day! It was quiet on the beach so we only had a few 'run ins' with other dogs which meant instead of being paranoid about my dogs fighting I could just enjoy! I must say this is the fist time I've walked them on the beach on my own and they were so well behaved!

Look at that face on Bindi! She so desperately wanted to swim! we swam

Yes I Sarah K went swimming in the middle of winter at the beach!
 The day was so beautiful and the water was just magic!
and I am SO THANKFUL I did because...

 ...we swam with a SEAL!

Yes a REAL WILD seal. When we first started our walk Rob rang me quickly and said to come back because there was a seal in the water! OMG I nearly died! I've never seen a wild seal before and was desperate to see it! I knew there was no going back though, as I had 2 very excited pups on a walking mission. I cut my losses and moved on. WELL, when we were walking, I looked out onto the horizon and there it was! This gorgeous little black seal jumping out of the water like a dolphin! It was making it's way down the coastline just playing and frolicking in the water! How gorgeous! My day was complete, I could not have been any happier than that moment. That was, until we went swimming! While we were swimming, and yes my Bindi swims for hours, we had a tiny little friend join us! I nearly passed out then and there! I was scared yet excited! Here we were swimming in the Australian beach and a jet black shiny SEAL was swimming with us in the water! I didn't know whether to laugh or cry! I almost ran out of the water to get my camera, then realised I had to LIVE the moment instead of capturing it! This was harder than most of you would realise! He didn't stay long, which was good because my pups hadn't noticed him yet....THAT could of been disastrous! He circled us a few times jumping in and out of the water and then continued on his way! WOW!!! What a rush! What a once in a life time experience! What a special moment!


What a truly amazing day! I'm still buzzing! My hands are shaking as I type this because I am so excited from the memories! This will be a day I will NEVER forget!

x S.K.K x


Maxabella said...

What a wonderful moment!

And how lucky are you guys to work there!!! x

Bella_K said...

What a beautiful moment! I am so incredibly jealous :) x

Claire Chadwick @ Scissors Paper Rock said...

OMG! A seal? That is so fricken cool! What a perfect day Sarah! We truly live in such a gorgeous part of the world.