Thursday, August 9, 2012

Yoga at Sarah's

When I was at my breaking point a few weeks back I sent out a desperate call to a few of my girlfriends and asked if they would like to meet at mine for some 'yoga'. I could feel my body freezing up by the day and I was not sleeping. I used to do yoga once a my home...using and iPhone app. It was brilliant. I practiced sun salutation each time and it was just enough to stretch out my body and clear my mind. Life got busy, school holidays happened and yoga got put at the bottom of the list. I knew if I had a group of girls with me the love and motivation would fall right back into place!

So our first day came around and well all I can do is laugh! I tried to hunt down a nice relaxing yoga dvd and all I could find was 'Yoga TV' Oh dear lordy lord! It sure was a laugh! Not the calm, relaxing and zen night I had in mind but it sure did work my body. We were thrusting and stretching and twisting our bodies into all kinds of hilarious moves. Funny enough it worked! Since that night I have felt a bit more 'loose' in my back and much to my surprise I was not sore at all! Go team! Amie and I smashed that dvd like nobodies business!

My favourite part was that at the end we put on a meditation CD. It was beautiful. We turned off the lights, lit our 'relax' candles, laid down and just listened. We listened to the lady speak about letting ourselves go and surrendering to the universe. She said some beautiful words and phrases that really spoke to me. I found myself smiling and thinking 'yes' this is perfect! I love the way yogi's live their life and it is very similar to my own outlook on life. It is so beautiful and peaceful and in amongst the crazy crazy demands of life I am very lucky to have the ability to bring myself back to reality and just be thankful for this beautiful world we live in. The mediation at the end of our yoga session was just what I needed and I am so thankful to Amie for bringing the CD.

With a new DVD I am hoping that we continue our yoga nights together! It is exactly what I need!

I tend to get caught up in my dramatic world very easily but I always ensure that I keep  
love in my heart, peace in my soul and hope for a brighter tomorrow. 
This keeps me centered and grounded. Yoga allows me to stop, relax, and remember.


x S.K.K x


Bella_K said...

Oh I wish I lived closer, I would love to come to yoga nights!

Anonymous said...

Oh I loved it too... everytime I think about it I laugh on the inside and out. Can't wait for next Tuesday. Amie x

Rhianna SG said...

That sounds like such a good idea. Well done you on making it happen. fairy wishes and butterfly kisses lovely